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A Course in Miracles

"A Course in Miracles is one of the most important works channeled with my inspiration. Helen Schucman wrote down the words spoken by an inner voice who called himself 'Jesus', who in turn gave me as the 'Holy Spirit' credit for the inspiration. An unusual state of Heart consciousness while channeling combined with her love of classical literature enabled Helen's channeling to adopt a lyrical quality that can foster a similar state in the reader.

"This quality enables the material to reach deep places of understanding and resonance in an open and receptive reader. The fundamental lesson of A Course in Miracles is forgiveness. True forgiveness is unusual, it fosters a healing that leaves the forgiver with a belief that the forgivee never did anything to them.

"The core of the teaching is a simple process of forgiveness that is never stated explicitly, but is implied throughout the three volume course. The first step in creating an opening for miracles through forgiveness is to realize that the offending behavior or trait is something of your own that has been projected onto another. The second step is to withdraw the projection from them, and take back the issue as your own doing. The third step is to ask me for help, or otherwise turn it over to me.

"A Course in Miracles is directed toward spirits who want to come into better alignment with Truth. However, it is incomplete in that it does not address what is now my most serious concern. Important understandings about the vital feminine principle of Creation are missing from this material, as well as from most other instances of my inspired or channeled communication with humans. Although accurate and clear, and highly effective at nurturing personal change and the ability to choose again, there is not one feminine pronoun in the entire body of work.

"A Course in Miracles does not address the reality of the essential being I know as the Mother of Creation. The information on this web site and in other recently channeled material tells some of story of the Mother and her plight, why my presence is increasing on Earth, and why I wish to directly communicate with you now. New understandings about where and how things went wrong between the Mother and me are presented on this web site and in another body of work called Right Use of Will.

"I have put forward much more information about healing since the channeling of A Course in Miracles, including my determination to correct errors I made previously. For many people, one of the most difficult to understand realities about me is that I am evolving. I am learning as I create, and I'm just ahead of you on the road to wholeness.

"The Course is an important part of my plan to encourage radical change in the way humans experience reality and is an excellent prelude to my inner communication with you. I stand behind the lessons in the Course, and I invite you to continue with me here on our journey of healing into wholeness.

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