Guide to the Classes

Introduction to the Classes

Channelers' note: All class lessons and guides to ongoing discussions are linked from this page. To more clearly understand the material, we strongly recommend that the lessons and discussions in a class be read in sequential order.

Channeling Class

Exercise: Running Energy
Lesson 1:
Meeting the Source

Exercise: Meeting the Source
Lesson 2:
Written Channeling

Exercise: Written Channeling
Discussion: Channeling

Truth and Reality Class
Lesson 1:
Where is the World?

Discussion: 1
Lesson 2:
Projection & Perception
Lesson 3: Manifestation
Lesson 4: Fundamental
Questions of Manifestation

The New Language
of Heaven Class

Healing Class

Lesson 1: Quest for the Mother
1.1. Before Time Began
1.2. A Call to Healing

Lesson 2: The Spirit Polarity
2.1 The Void
2.2. Divine Codependency
2.3. God's New Quest
Discussion: Lessons 1 & 2

Healing Class (Cont.)
Lesson 3:
Reclaiming Lost Spirit

3.1. Ahriman
3.2. Asuras
3.3. Death
3.4. Redeeming the Devils
3.5. Spirit & Superiority
3.6. Superiority & the 2 Devils
3.7 Grandfather's Role

Discussion: Lesson 3
Lesson 4: Body

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