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Conversations with God

"Conversations with God is a body of work channeled by Neale Donald Walsch. He discovered my voice and presence within while writing notes to himself about issues he was facing in his life. The writing practice suggested in the channeling class is very similar to the process he discovered accidentally. His work demonstrates that the light state of focused inner concentration that comes naturally in writing is all that is necessary to find the presence of my energy within yourself and channel it into words on paper.

"While Conversations with God is a very popular presentation of some of my favorite messages, it does not include information about my most vital concern regarding the Mother of Creation. This is because the information channeled in these books is focused in a three-element portrayal of Deity. This is also true of almost all other channeled representations of my message. The information on this web site and the Right Use of Will books are two exceptions.

"The channeling in Conversations with God is a true and generally accurate presentation of my message. However, because it does not include the reality of the most ignored and misunderstood element of Deity, the Mother of Creation, it does not tell the whole story of why my presence is increasing on Earth and why I wish to directly communicate with you now. The story of what happened long ago between the Mother and me is presented in detail here in the Healing Class and the Truth and Reality Class.

"Conversations with God and other channeled works discussed here are important three-element representations of my message, and I stand behind them. The Right Use of Will material and this site, however, are four-element representations which include the feminine element in relationship with the masculine elements of Deity. They speak to the reality of the Mother of Creation and her plight.

"They also include information about my determination to correct errors I made previously in relating with the Mother. For many people, one of the most difficult to understand realities about me is that I am evolving. I am learning as I create, and I'm just ahead of you on the road to wholeness. And of course I have a great deal more to say about all of this than I have so far in any of the Conversations with God books.

"I am very pleased with the purity and simplicity of my messages as they've been interpreted by Neale Donald Walsch, and particularly in the first volume. He has captured my 'voice' in his channeling. The easy, friendly, serious and earnest yet humorous style is much closer to who I really am than the old fashioned image of an already perfect Father in the sky who may or may not help you or punish you.

"That is an old image I had projected through my earlier messengers. Conversations with God is a very good example of how I am changing that image, and how modern channeling is helping to manifest my plan as I earnestly seek inner communication with you, and a new union in wholeness with the Mother of Creation."

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