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Fear is the Enemy?

Free Will, Death and Hell

Fear is the Enemy?

I have read the first two books in the Conversations with God series. I was deeply moved in places being reminded of our eternal connection. . . and I cried happy-sad tears feeling this union within. But why do you say in book 2 that "Fear will be your greatest enemy"? I sense your teachings here are more geared towards the spirit polarity. . . and to them you say this. . . while in the Right Use of Will material you say to the will polarity something to the effect of "fear is your friend", feel it and heal it into love. I don't fully understand the surface contradictions here. . . can You please explain?

"As I have said, the Conversations with God material, along with almost all of my other messages to humanity, addresses a three-element representation of Deity. In these representations emotions are ignored at best, and seen as problems at worst. The Conversations with God material almost completely ignores emotions except to say that they should be felt and expressed, and not repressed. There are however, some mentions of fear as an enemy, the one in the second book you are referring to, another in the third book.

"Both instances refer to the fear of timidity. And yes, in the context that courage is necessary in becoming who you truly are, fear that prevents you from doing what you feel is right is an 'enemy'. The true understanding behind those passages about fear is that at certain crucial points in your healing process it is necessary to feel your fear and take the leap anyway. Frozen terror, including the fear of change needs to move in order to heal. The practice I recommend of 'driving backward' is a good example of this.

"It is also true of course that fear is your 'friend'. It can lead you to places in yourself that need healing the most. And if fear has you paralyzed and unable to act or manifest your desires, then it must be addressed before you can go on with the rest of the work of healing into wholeness. Many humans who have healing intent have found themselves unable to move deeply held and powerful emotions because of the fear of what may happen if they do. Here is where you want the enemy to become the friend.

"If you remain subservient to fear, and do or not do what the fear tells you, the enemy fear will undermine your Will and erode your essence and life force energy. However, if you meet fear face to face and tell it that you wish to be friends, the former enemy can become your ally. The fear is yours and needs your recognition and acceptance. And as I've already said, fear is not the opposite of love.

"Feel the fear and allow it to remain with you as you learn to love it and its energy. A useful practice in this regard is to notice the physical sensations in the place in your body where the fear centers. Then do the running energy exercise and allow the fear to move with the rest of your energy. Moving with your loving awareness, it will change as it joins the rest of your energy. Excitement, enthusiasm and anticipation are some of the experiences of fear in acceptance.

"There are many apparent contradictions among the various representations of my messages, and you have pointed out a good example. I have explained that many of the instances where contradictions appear are a feature of the differences in perception inherent between three and four-element portrayals of my messages. Also, the fact is that reality comes in many levels and it must be described differently at different levels.

"I will add that humans often have difficultly with semantics. When you feel beneath the meaning of the words themselves you can find the place where two apparently contradictory messages are actually in alignment, although they are often describing different levels of reality. The key to resolving apparent contradictions is to accept both sides as true, and feel into them both to find their right place with each other.

"And you can count on it that all expression and creativity comes ultimately from me, and that I know the way it all is describing some level of reality. As I've said, my Truth is whole and inclusive of all points of view and reference. And serious travelers on the journey of healing into wholeness, have very little space in their baggage for bias or dogma."

Free Will, Death and Hell

My question is about free will even in heaven. I always believed once you moved on to the spiritual realm the power of God is so blissful there could be nothing but pure knowledge and love thus heaven, but after reading some of Conversations with God book III it states we can carry over our same thoughts creating our own Hell after we pass on. My experience with God has never been this as I myself speak to God and have written passages which at this time I am trying to get published in the form of a coffee table book. Although we always have our own free will I believe the love from God, this pure energy and potentiality, could never leave you in such a state. Could you please give me some insight to this question.

"Thank you for finding me within you and bringing my messages out in channeling. The nature of your channeling is similar to Neale Donald Walsch's. However, there are some important understandings about free will, death and hell and some other important aspects of reality that are not mentioned in the channeling of the Conversations with God books.

"In the response to the above post, on the Conversations with God page, on the God's Messengers introduction page, and on the messengers discussion page I have pointed out that not all of the Truth can be channeled in one writing or for one group of people at one time. And the issues around death and hell are among the most confusing in this regard, so we'll address them now.

"The third book mentions the film What Dreams May Come . The script and production of this film is a good example of how artists convey my messages to their audience. In the sequences about Heaven, the film depicts an accurate vision of how life will be here on Earth when Grandfather's plan is realized. In the film, however, Heaven is portrayed as something that happens after death, something that is not for the living. The Conversations with God books, like the film and the presuppositions in your question, take death for granted.

"Death is taken for granted by most humans, and in most portrayals of my messages because they are centered in a three dimensional frame of reality that doesn't include the Mother's desire for life. Reality is bigger than what most humans have known, and in the larger reality closer to Truth, death is not required for admittance to Heaven, or to Hell for that matter. In the larger reality of Grandfather's plan you won't die a physical death when you leave one level of reality for another. You'll 'pass on' in a change of form to even more appropriate opportunities for creating your own universe.

"But the larger reality is not yet here for humanity. Work is still needed to bring it into manifestation for you. The easiest way to describe that work is to use your free will to take responsibility for everything in your life, including finding Hell here inside of you while you are living, and literally going through all that is there until both you and it are transformed.

"The hero in What Dreams May Comedoes just this when he goes to Hell to be with his wife who represents the emotional turmoil he had not wanted to deal with or feel in his life and in their life together. His love and acceptance of her and her emotions frees her from Hell and enables them to be together in 'Heaven'.

"In reality, however, when you have done this healing work, Heaven will come here to join you on Earth. This has always been 'God's plan', but it won't happen for you until it's your plan too. Yes, you create your own reality, but the 'you' that creates it has been disconnected from the rest of the you that experiences it. The cause of you being the way you are and reality being the way it is has been projected out onto the world and onto me.

"This gap or split between the essential, creator you and rest of you is the doorway through which you can find your way to Hell. And this is an essential journey of healing because true wholeness cannot leave behind what has been lost and trapped there. Hell is a place of darkness and compression full of the pain of difficult, stuck and unmoving emotions. It is a place of great suffering.

"This time, however, your job will be to heal it rather than continue the suffering. When you get there the advice I've given in the Four Steps to Wholeness and in the healing and channeling classes and their related discussions will hold you in good stead for an interesting and productive journey of personal, planetary, and universal healing.

"A journey through Hell to a living Heaven of true freedom here on Earth beyond your grandest dreams may not be what you bargained for in this lifetime. And it's a tough job requiring effort and dedication. But humanity needs someone to do it. Why not you?"

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