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'A Letter from God' Discussion

Channelers note: Questions and comments about the 'Letter from God' page will be posted here, along with our channeled responses. Please feel free to send us a question or comment, and check the bottom of the Channelers' page for the email address.

Will I Lose You?
Thank you so much for the recent updates which are very comforting. There is one part that confuses me; can you please elaborate on us losing your support? I feel like you (the Folks) are inside of and very much a part of me that I could never lose temporarily or ever. The next part says that those of us who are working with the Folks on the inside will continue to get the guidance on the inside. Will I lose you temporarily? I hope not.
"This is Spirit, the Mother and I will not be going anywhere. It's you who will be moving... into greater and greater love... and into your true greatness as a Whole Being. As you move in the final stage of your journey home to wholeness, it will be your love as New Heart that brings Us fully together.

"Since we've also been connecting on the inside, you already know most of what will be said here. However, whenever you have communicated with Us as though We’re outside of you, you’ve had Us as a comforting ‘other.’ As you approach a much deeper wholeness, you’ll begin to realize We have always been inside of you, part of the totality of you, the whole Being you truly are.

"You may then look around and see that it is all you... there is no other. And without any ‘other,’ you may experience some fear and a very deep loneliness. This kind of loneliness is sacred... this is the first loneliness, the loneliness of the one whole Being... the loneliness that motivated Original Heart to blow apart so there could be manifestation.

"As you know, triggers like this are good because the energies triggered will help you find any lingering denials of your true greatness you may still be holding. As you release these final denials and identify as Body, you will discover in yourself a profound calm that deeply settles and widens your capacity to hold all that is... and to know your true identity, your right place and right actions and words in any given moment.

"The separations between you and Us dissolve as you become whole. And of course this means you will no longer have us for support... However, We will have you to embody Us in Manifestation. In your wholeness, your personal self will no longer need or desire any outside 'support;’ you will contain the Universe and Us, its Creators.

"This is not to say that your personal self will dissolve or 'go away.' Rather, you'll be choosing how you want to identify from moment to moment. For instance, playing and other forms of 'doing' in manifestation are right and appropriate activity for any personal self. And 'being' in manifestation is probably the most fun when you are identified as your whole Self.

"Whoever you choose to be and whatever you choose to do as our host here in manifestation, we deeply appreciate your ‘support.' Thank you so much for your willingness to do this!”

Healing in Difficult Times

Thanks to the channelers and to the Folks for posting new material on godchannel.com. Question: we are in difficult times. What is the best practice for healing ourselves into wholeness, healing Creation and maintaining groundedness in this troubling time? I find it so easy to give up hope and wonder if we will ever solve our insurmountable problems...especially global warming. I worry.
"The best practice for healing to wholeness in these times is twofold. First express the rage, fear and grief that have been triggered by events in the world or in your life. This will let the feelings know that you approve of their existence in you, because you have brought them into manifestation. Then once you have expressed the feelings, you can explore the energy of the feelings as sensations in your body. Find the sensations in your chakra system and feel into them with curiosity and compassion.

"Breathe space around the sensations of the triggered energy in your body. With this new space, you’re beginning to befriend the energy. You will likely find some extra-difficult energy in the upper layers of the feelings you’re exploring. If so, release any judgments or deep denial energy that may have been preventing you from bringing your full loving acceptance to what you have been feeling into.

"Once judgments and denial energy are gone, you'll find it much easier to stay present and hold space for the energies that have been triggered. The next step is to open yourself to these energies and love them for what they are... your own excellent life force energy.

"This practice can lead you to places in your body where you have been habitually shutting down, becoming numb or avoiding feeling. Feel into these places too, and do the same with the energies you find here. Like loving Spirit, you will be using your loving consciousness to bring loving acceptance to your feelings... and therefore your Will, the universal Feminine in you.

"Also, it’s important to realize that what is happening apparently outside of you is supposed to be happening. These times you are in are extraordinary, these are times of revelation and connection; a great many of you are beginning to wake up to who you truly are and to your inner connectedness with Deity.

"With this awakening comes an unprecedented amount of love and light, as well as an unprecedented amount of darkness and evil. Nevertheless, the Universe is still good and operating correctly, and these triggers are meant to help awaken you to the parts inside of you that have been craving your loving attention when you are the Healer of your Being.

"The 'world' with its problems that you've been worried about is not real, it’s something you and the others have been making up in the collective mind you all share. What is real is what is present right now. The rest is in the mind, past or future... and of course the mind thinks its models of reality and thoughts about them are real.

"Also in the mind is a model of an identity, a construct of a ‘self’ that thinks it is you. This is your personal self, sometimes called ‘ego.’ And if you fully investigate this 'you' that you've thought yourself to be, you'll find the 'I' and 'me' you’ve known to be you... are just two names for the main character in a series of stories about 'my life'... in other words, thoughts in the mind.

"Meanwhile outside of mind, real life and true grounding are readily available here in the eternal present. Doing this work is an easy way to become present and grounded. Feeling energies in Body brings you quickly
out of mind and thinking, and right into the present moment, grounded in sentience and feeling. Also, in becoming the Healer, your identity shifts from the personal, mind-made self to the Being self, grounded in Body.

"Once what has been triggered in you finds its healing in your loving acceptance, there is something you can do for even greater wholeness of Being. You can redeem the devils that have been behind the persons and events that have been triggering you. And please remember, it isn’t you personally that has been doing these things, it’s been a deeply transpersonal, denied part of spirit in you that has been the perpetrator.

"Lastly, you mention giving up hope. Giving up hope is a very good idea... hope is very similar to wishful thinking, and it doesn’t help manifest anything. There is however, something much stronger than hope that you'll want for this healing journey... Faith.

"If you choose to be the Healer, you will have the iron-clad, bedrock support of the Healer's faith... 'The Universe is good and operating correctly at all times.' Resting in this faith every day, every hour will make it much easier for you to lovingly, peacefully and creatively negotiate these times of darkness... and these times of 'miracle and wonder.'"

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