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  Interview with Grandfather, Part Three
The Apocalypse, Magic, Conspiracies, and 'the Predator'

Interview with Grandfather: Part One ~ Part Two

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Channelers note: The material on this page was channeled in 2017 and is now being published for the first time, in early 2021. It is a continuation of both the Interview with Grandfather and the Interview with God. And for more understanding about the difference between 'sentience' and 'consciousness,' please see this page on our sister site.

Channelers: Hello Grandfather. Time seems to be speeding up even more lately, as we head toward the opening of the fifth dimension you talked about in Part Two of this interview. And lately it seems that more and more people are waking up from the deep trance of the cultural conditioning. Is this the Apocalypse that has been prophesied? 

"Your word 'apocalypse' means 'uncovering,' 'disclosing' 'revealing,' or 'awakening.' And yes, you can see that this process is becoming more fully experienced in humanity. The Spirit of your Creation has spoken about this when he said, 'For a very long time your own and all of humanity's evolution toward wholeness has been a great mystery. Now it is becoming the great awakening.'

"The awakenings you are now experiencing can draw your attention in either of two directions. One direction is outward to newly-revealed phenomena, new scientific discoveries and technologies, political extremism, and uncovering conspiracies—both positive and negative—all out there in 'the world,' On the positive side, awakenings are happening and movements are beginning to show up that may help you and all of humanity awaken more quickly and deeply.

"However, focusing on the outer, either positive or negative, will distract you from your own evolution. Focusing on events and phenomena in the outer world will not be helpful in your healing to wholeness, and will bring you no closer to realizing the Mother's dream—unless you use them as reflections of what has been going on inside of you.

"The greater truth is that everything that is happening outside of you is a reflection of something happening inside of you. The real Apocalypse, the real awakening has been quietly unfolding deep inside of you, waiting for your recognition and participation.

"When you look at the world and its events through the lens of truth—that everything outside of you is a reflection of something inside of you, you will be on the right track to truly understanding the real apocalypse, which is your own awakening.

 "When you understand that the outer reality is being generated from inside of you, you can use the outer apocalyptic events to help reveal to yourself how you have been generating the outer reality you've been experiencing. And more importantly—how your inner healing work can change outer reality to manifest the deepest desire in Creation, the realization and manifestation of the Mother's Dream."

Thank you, Grandfather. How does this work? Outside reality seems very solid and real compared to what's available to inner experience. We can see things happening in the imagination, but they easily come and go and don't seem nearly as real or solid as what's outside.

"There is a much larger, deeper and grander Self—who you truly are. The world you perceive outside of you seems real because the ordinary, personal self who perceives it believes that it is real. And this is because the relatively small, personal self you have been conditioned to identify with and call 'me' has been a part of the world that it has believed to be real. This part of you—and all of what it calls 'the world'—has existed only in the reality of your mind, not in actual reality.

"In your mind you've been seeing yourself as a part of a world that is much larger than you. You've been seeing that you are one of several billion others much like yourself, and of course you believe what you see. The difficulty with this is that 'beliefs' and all of the other data your mind perceives are made of thoughts.

"Thoughts, concepts, ideas, visions and beliefs do not have a reality outside of the mind. The mind makes models of real reality in the quasi-real forms of images and words, and of course to the mind these models appear to be 'real.' The mind makes models of everything that you perceive, including your personal self—the mind's model of you is the person you 'believe' or 'think' you are. You have been living primarily in a dream-like state, perceiving the world as an 'objective' reality that includes 'you' as a part of it.

"The actual, real world does exist. And it can be experienced—but only in the one present moment, 'now'—a wonderful place outside of mind. When attention is placed fully in the present moment, mind must stop. Time stops here as well, because time as a linear sequence of events is only a concept, and it requires a mind to conceive it.

"So, you ask to know how this works, that the outer is in fact only a reflection of the inner. You can begin by feeling into Body and become present in what Body is experiencing right now. Become Body, and feel your connection with all sentience. Make the first chakra your right place, and from here you can easily become fully present in yourself, as Body.

"As your feeling, sentient presence expands in the first chakra and connects with universal sentience, the Universal Feminine, you become the bridge between the two attentions. You are the sentient individual in the first attention—and at the same time you are becoming the sentient Universe in the second attention.

"This is something that can not be experienced or known by thinking about it. No amount of modeling will be able to accurately depict this reality. However, you can feel the truth of it—if you are first willing to lose yourself, lose your identity as mind or Spirit.

"When you take the scary deep dive into feeling, you can inhabit sentience and know the secrets that her magnetic essence has been holding for you. It's only here, in the reality of feeling, that you can know the truth of your whole Self. The uncovering, revealing of the deeply sentient truth of who you really are is the real Apocalypse."

Thank you, Grandfather. Scary is right, something very powerful must be keeping us from taking that deep dive you just mentioned. Why has it been so difficult to feel into the dark energies just below the surface of difficult feelings?

"Two factors are involved in the automatic, conditioned denial of feelings. The Human mind has not yet been exposed to, and therefore has been unable to model, the depths of pain and suffering being experienced in the lost Will of this Creation. This has meant there hasn't been an easy bridge that would allow you to gradually wade into the deep ocean of hellish energies involved in being fully present with some of the most vital parts of the Will.

"The thought of a sudden dive into Hell still triggers the Spirit of this Creation who resides in you. He re-experiences the deeply imprinted terror that says he will be annihilated, magnetically consumed by the very uncomfortable and intensely painful feelings of the severely wounded and lost fragments of the Universal Feminine.

"This terror is of course imprinted in humans as well, and for the most part has gone unfelt. This colossal terror has been hidden from your awareness under the many layers of deep shock within this universal imprint.

"The other factor in the automatic denial of feeling is the ancient conspiracy to hide the true source of worldly power in manifestation from all but the 'initiated.' This has been a multidimensional conspiracy underlying all of the other conspiracies that are now beginning to be revealed in the Apocalypse.

"A war has been raging between the 'light' and the 'dark' at all levels of existence and throughout each of the seven Creations. Virtually everyone has had to choose a side. And even though most have chosen the light, one's 'light' has very often been another's 'dark.'

"You can readily see this phenomenon at work now on Earth. There are many instances of individuals, groups and nations choosing the light—and then going to battle with their enemies, upon whom they have projected the dark. If you wish to break the spell of this ancient, primordial struggle and know the real truth of existence, you must somehow embrace both the light and the dark. By choosing only one, you deny the other in yourself—and it becomes projected out into the world.

"Integrating the light and dark inside of you is the easiest and most effective way to break the power of conspiracies. Forsake all mental evaluations and all 'notions of rightdoing and wrongdoing'—and align yourself with the one, whole Truth.

"You can do this when you have full, loving acceptance of your deep desire to heal, a taste, or at least a tolerance for intense experience, and a healthy appreciation for the power of the very negative energies that have been keeping your consciousness away from the universal Will within you—the very essence that can manifest your deepest dreams, once you are fully aligned with it."

Channelers: Thanks Grandfather. Please say more about the ancient conspiracy to conceal the true source of worldly power.

"The source of all power is in the Will, which is deeply sentient—not in consciousness or Spirit. However, there have been some very clever spirits who have co-opted the manifesting Will by uniting Lucifer and Ahriman in support of Ahriman's agenda to control the Will. This universal conspiracy between Ahriman and Lucifer is what underlies all of the power-over conspiracies you detect in the world, and at every level of manifestation.

"'Black magic,' for instance is performed successfully by Ahriman using the power of the Will essence that Lucifer has gained dominion over and calls his own, as if it's his Will. At the human level, this manifests as a magician whose conscious mind fixes on something he thinks he wants, and then enlists the aid of Lucifer's ill-gotten Will essence. However, 'white magic' has been no better, just as choosing the light hasn't been a real improvement over choosing the dark. Either choice denies the other, and is therefore a choice of fragmentation and denial.

"No matter how hard he may have tried to be working for the good of all, 'Ahriman the Magician' has been only a fragment of Spirit. Without the full lovingness of my Grace, Spirit has been unconsciously infecting his manifestations with at least some degree of standoffish, careless unlovingness toward the Will. And remember, for the most part, Ahriman has had the role of 'God' in this Creation.

"Magic, however does not need to be invoked for conspiracies of power to proliferate. The whispered 'deal' between Ahriman and Lucifer has been made whenever two or more agree to something they know is in support of their own power, and not necessarily for the good of all. This greedy hunger for power has become a virulent virus in the psyche of humanity.

"Everyone who participates in or is affected by your civilization, whether as victim or perpetrator, has been infected by this virus that has been successfully hiding itself deep within you and feeding off of your emotional energies, especially fear. And without realizing it, you have become possessed by it.

"When you see evil outside of you, you are seeing the reflection of something that has been hiding deep in your own psyche. When you fight against the evil, it infects you and you become it. Any struggle with it strengthens its energy and deepens its hold on you.

Again, without realizing it, you have become possessed by it. In some humans this possession has been temporary, occurring and subsiding, only to return again. And in many humans the possession has been permanent.

Thank you, Grandfather. We have been working with this phenomenon for a while now. And from what we've learned, this psychic virus you mention has been called by many names, and most predominately by indigenous cultures who could clearly see and feel it in the greed of the European explorers and conquerors that invaded them.

The 'predator,' 'flyers,' 'the parasite,' 'the voice of knowledge,' and 'wetiko' are examples of terms we've discovered that have been used by indigenous people, and the ancient Gnostic called them 'Arcons.' Also, by its nature, it seems to be a hive-like entity where it is both one and many at the same time.

We've settled on calling it 'the Predator' because of a special quality or trait this terms includes. From what we've been discovering (with help from the Folks), this entity has been harvesting our Will essence as its food, just as a predator in nature eats the flesh of its prey for nourishment.

Part of the way it functions seems to be to sow fear, division and separation. It seems to oppose the healing work and anything we do to move more in the direction of wholeness. And it seems to defy any and all attempts to integrate it. What can you tell us about this?

"The predator, this obstructor of healing and freedom, this consumer of Will, is not actually a part of you that can be integrated at the level of the personal self, or even at the level of the whole Being you truly are. The predator is part of all manifestation and cannot be integrated or redeemed by any identity other than the One who first spawned Manifestation, Original Heart."

Thank you Grandfather, what can you tell us about the origins of the predator?

The Origins of the Predator

"The Predator's fundamental function of sewing division and separation and causing fragmentation has been present since before manifestation itself. It first appeared in Original Heart—the unmanifest, one whole Being who created a game like 'Hide and Seek' with itself so it could experience separation and temporary loss of its full identity as the singular 'All That Is.'

"The game required that there be a kind of self-denial where the identity of the whole became lost to its fragments. However, the identity of the whole is always present—deep in the timeless one, present moment, and at the core of every one of its fragments.

"In splitting apart into fragments, Original Heart temporarily forgot its default, ever-present wholeness and went into a kind of dream where it was no longer All That Is—so it could experience being less than its totality, and therefore be able to experience being with and relating with—others.

"Language is difficult here. Already we're using time-based metaphors to point to events that have been happening since before time begins. And of course language, a product of the mind, cannot accurately communicate the state of things prior to mind.

"These words can only point to truths outside of mind, but not actually state them. This communication will likely not make sense to the mind, so it's important to read slowly enough to feel into what is being conveyed without having to think about it. After feeling into the information, you can always check back later with the mind about it.

"The game was simple at its core. When Original Heart wasn't 'wholing' (becoming whole), it was fragmenting. In making up the game, Original Heart devised a way to temporarily forget itself as the whole, and instead find its identity in its parts, its fragments. This forgetting and fragmenting 'device' has evolved to become the prime directive of the Predator—divide and separate. And this was the device that was used to separate Original Heart's Spirit essence from its Will essence.

"As the original explosion into manifestation was happening, the Destroyer was born. And as the Folks have shared, a part of Spirit could not bear the pain its Will was experiencing in separating from him, so he tried to take all of manifestation back into the Void by imploding with his Will.

He was unsuccessful in this attempt, but the pattern of a very powerful Will to take back Manifestation, to destroy it has ever since been deeply embedded in the fabric of Manifestation. Creation now has its antithesis—destruction. The cosmic dividing and separating principle of fragmentation evolved into the Destroyer's weapon of choice and became empowered by the Destroyer's frantic determination to tear down manifestation."

"However, it is important to understand that when you work on behalf of the light in opposition to the darkness, you become the very essence of what you are opposing. The good news is that you are now awakening to all of this—in the times of revelations, the apocalypse.

"The ancient conspiracy to hide the source of worldly power has been hiding inside of you without your knowledge or consent—and through your contact with others, replicating itself like a virus. Stop resisting what has been trying to take you down, and find your way clear to instead take responsibility for it and own it. Loving magic is the way.

Thank you, Grandfather. How do we find and use a truly loving magic? And is this how we can dispel the power of the dark and unloving magic that seems so prevalent now, and manifest the Mother's dream?

"It is possible for truly loving magic to succeed over power magic, however this possibility has only recently opened for Humans. The magic of love is not in Spirit's domain. Love magic works directly from the sentient, feminine, magnetic Will; this is her magic, her way of expressing manifestation.

"This kind of magic is only possible when the Will is totally free of Spirit's agenda and his influence in her process of manifestation. Here is where consciousness, Spirit can have his right place in manifesting—when he's fully in the service of sentience, the Universal Feminine, when the conscious Being serves and obeys its sentient Will, the Will of Creation.

"This means that your conscious mind may have no idea of how the manifesting happens or what will manifest—and yet you unconditionally love and support your sentient Will and her process of unfolding whatever she wishes to become manifest. And of course, you unconditionally love whatever your Will has freely manifested.

"Long ago, Lucifer trapped the most powerful parts of the manifesting Will and harnessed their deeply feminine, magnetic power to manifest his 'creations.' Ahriman has since co-opted much of Lucifer's captured Will essence and enlisted its support in his ultimate agenda to 'save' Creation by eliminating all need for the 'problematic' Feminine. Anything but having to feel the deep terror of being annihilated in the magnetic draw of her painful imprints.

"It has now become time for Humans to redeem both Lucifer and Ahriman in themselves and bring real freedom to the manifesting Will essence they have dominated and used to promote the power-over agendas you have seen all around you, and are now beginning to find inside of yourselves.

"The way will clear to manifest the Mother's dream when you have brought all that you have been denying into the unconditional love of Loving Spirit in you—your own fully loving consciousness. And in so doing, you will have manifested the dream for all of Creation."

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