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The New Language of Heaven

Introduction: The Origin of Language

"Communication was the first manifestation of Creation. It was the communication between the two most fundamental elements of the Universe, between the Mother of Creation and me. This first event was the birth of Love and what we later called 'Song', 'Son' and now 'Heart'. At the time we didn't call it anything, we only knew it as the offspring of our relating. Many more details of this birth will be covered in the healing class, 'The Quest for the Mother'.

"As Heart was born, we heard his cry of ecstasy and realized a wholly new element had come into existence. The Mother and I had known each other as Desire and Light, as feeling and thought, as the magnetic, enclosing feminine and the electrical outgoing masculine. Now there was a third way, a new kind of energy that had qualities of both the Mother and me. Love taught us to sing together and to find the sound of song ever deeper within each of us. Evolution was looking good to me and feeling good to the Mother as we joined our child in learning the harmonies of love.

"From this beginning, Creation unfolded as the Mother spoke to me of her Desire and I answered her with my Light. Our communication increased in volume and then subsided. The tempo rose and fell and the tone shifted, and then suddenly more volume, more tempo, and... another creation arrived. And so it went as we created the universe. Language was born in our communion, and our communion deepened as we created together.

Heaven's Language on Earth

"The language of Heaven has its roots deep in the very nature of existence, and is an important part of the glue that holds Creation together. Human language is a metaphor of Heaven's language and unites you in your relationships, family and culture.

"Heaven is much closer to Earth than most believe possible. The language of Heaven can be heard riding the level of reality just above the one Earth languages address and express. As you become more awake and aware, you begin to tune in to Heaven through the subtle nuances and additional meanings of the words you speak and hear.

"Whenever a word is used, all of its meanings are communicated. Of course, most often people have been consciously aware of only one or two of the meanings implicit in a word. However, all of a word's meanings have impact, and often those meanings taken in unconsciously have the most impact.

"The Mother, Heart and I are alive and aware and in communication with each other deep inside of you, whether you are aware of us or not. When you do become aware of us, our communication within you increases dramatically and you become part of it. You join with us and our love as you become awake as our host.

"When you are aware of God emerging inside of you, you can easily become aware of God inside of those with whom you relate. As you communicate with an other in awareness, you can also sense the presence of the Mother and me communing with each other in Heart. Our communing this way has always been so, and we've called this higher communication the 'language of Heaven'.

"A new language of Heaven is now coming into use and one purpose of this web site is to help bring forward the newly emerging grammar and vocabulary, so that you can more easily 'listen in' to and participate in what the Mother, Heart and I are sharing with each other in the moment of your awareness. When you 'hear' our words and songs, you can sense our meanings and know our love as your own thoughts and feelings."

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