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Discussion of God's Messengers

I am confused by conflicting messages from God.

Why are there contradictions among your messengers?

I am confused by conflicting messages from God.

Dear God, I'm confused and I hope you will help clear things up for me. Why is it in your "Right Use of Will" books the Mother and her feelings and desires is paramount in your teachings... and in your "Conversations with God" books the Mother is not even included in the Holy Trinity? I like and desire to understand this bigger picture and the wonder of your ways. Please respond. Thanks.

"Yes, the bigger picture truly is a wonder. And the truth is that even as only one element of Deity, I am extremely complex. There will never be one 'outside' source of information capable of interpreting me or Deity completely, or of delivering all of my messages. This is why I put so much emphasis on the importance of our direct, inner communication.

"There are two issues I presently face in relating directly with humans. For a very long time I had encouraged a 'Father in the sky' image or concept of myself. This old image is taking some effort to update, and I'm pleased at how well it's been going lately. Due to general shifts in human consciousness over the past several years and popular works like Conversations with God, the old image and its associated dogma is beginning to fade in the mass consciousness, and especially among those who are prepared to find me on the inside and communicate with me directly. Neale Donald Walsch's work is part of what could be called an outreach effort on my part, and it addresses the first issue very well.

"The second, and more important issue is the healing work I discuss in great detail in the Right Use of Will material. There has always been a huge, transformative mass event planned for Earth which is now relatively near in your future. If humanity is to come through this event to realize its true destiny, it is crucial that the Mother and I be together in a new way, and that as individual elements of Deity we be in deep union and harmony with each other before this event occurs.

"There are also larger issues at stake, involving the ultimate stability of Creation itself, should the two primary universal forces remain at odds with each other, as we've been for so long. I know this work is difficult, and not something most would even contemplate doing without some extraordinary communication and support from me. The information in the Right Use of Will material is just that, but it hasn't yet been possible for the mass consciousness to even look at the real issues involved, let alone work with them.

"The information needed for the healing work seriously conflicts with the old image or concept of a perfect, all powerful God, and it is already difficult enough to do without the added burden of my old image creating a sense of abandonment in the mass consciousness, as if I'm some kind of cosmic ogre who could easily rescue everybody, if only I cared. It needs to be more clear to more people that I'm right here inside of you, and easily accessible should you ask.

"So, the two priorities in my outer communication are outreach and support of the healing work. The success of the healing work is essential, and only those grounded in manifestation with living physical bodies like yours can actually complete it. Many humans who are not yet involved in this work will be soon, and a single text useful for both outreach and healing has not yet been possible.

"You have asked a very good question, and the full answer is more complex than I've given here. Discussion pages about these and other examples of modern channeled works have been added to the site, and are linked from the Messengers page. You will find more of the answer there. Please remember that my Truth is whole and inclusive of all points of view and reference. If you are a serious traveler on the journey of healing into wholeness, there will be very little space in your baggage for bias or dogma."

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