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Running Energy II Discussion

Knowing Loving Light

Contributor: The running energy is not easy for me because of the visualization (seeing gold is okay but white-gold is more difficult), however energy2 was not really easier, but more intense. I have a better knowing of how the energy feels in the lower and upper parts of the body.

Channelers: We're getting it that Loving Light "looks" more like a clear golden light rather than a whitish gold. But it's easier to distinguish in the feeling of it than in the seeing of it. Loving Light feels like a warm glow of kindness and support... not pushy like white light, and not too bright, either. The Light of Power, however, feels brighter... and has a slightly demanding quality to it, like you're supposed to want it.

Contributor: It seems "wrong" though when the spirit energy gets to the third chakra, because it's so sexual and feels sooo good once it gets to the lower chakras. Whenever I feel Mother/Father making love in my heart I have difficulty staying with it, and when I do stay with it, I experience some heartdaughter guilt - like don't go there again... do you have any clarity about this?

Channelers: Some of us have experienced this too. In the first running energy exercise there are some words Spirit has for each of the three lower chakras as the Light comes down. It seems there has been somewhat of an unconscious taboo against good Light getting down into those chakras, and the language was meant to help with that. If Heart Daughter is feeling guilt with truly loving Light in the lower chakras, it could be because she's remembering some other incursions from the past... where it may not have been truly loving Light she drew down. In any case, judgment release seems like a good idea for her.

Contributor: Also, in terms of Luciferian energy - I'm scared that sometimes it might be him that's making me feel all good and sensual on the inside. Someone once told me that when asking for insight, if one doesn't feel anything, then it's not Loving Light... but I'm thinking that Lucifer is kinda sensual and he's clever and sexy and sneaky. I don't want to question and doubt loving light all the time, so how do I make sure I'm not opening myself to unloving light?

Channelers: The recent channeling from Heart has helped make this more clear to us. In distinguishing between truly loving Light, and tricky light pretending to be loving... notice if the Spirit energy is interested in loving and accepting your pain and fear. If you feel accepted, appreciated and encouraged even when in pain or fear, then for sure you've got loving Light. Otherwise, you are right to be cautious. But remember, Lucifer's sexiness is part of what is now being redeemed by parental, loving Spirit... so don't be surprised if truly Loving Light feels more engaged, interested, sexier and more passionate to the Mother in you than he has in the past.

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