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The Seth Material

"Seth is a name that was used by a non-physical spiritual teacher on assignment from me. Neither the channelers, Jane Roberts and her husband Robert Butts, nor the readers of the material would have been receptive to hearing this information if it was represented as coming directly from me. Times have changed of course, and now there are several modern examples of my messages being directly attributed to me.

"Seth's teachings are a part of my teachings, and I am very pleased at how well they have been adopted by a large number of humans. The channeling of Seth was where the ideas that reality is multi-dimensional and that individuals create their own reality first surfaced in popular culture. Of the many books of channeled information written by Jane Roberts, The Nature of Personal Reality has the best grasp of the complexities of reality creation in individual humans.

"This body of work is impressive in its scope and accuracy, not so much because it was ground breaking new material, but because it was conveyed without reference to the most important element in reality, the magnetic essence that pre-exists all else and opens space for and contains everything in manifestation. All of Creation and each individual within it is absolutely dependent on the feminine, magnetic principle, the Mother of Creation. Also, the Seth books came during a time when it was rumored that I was dead, so it is missing some important information about the role of Spirit in the process of human reality formation.

"Beliefs or judgments and the dynamics in the relationship between the mental and physical bodies was the basic focus of this material. The emotional body was also discussed as powerful in reality formation, but like the physical body it was portrayed as being subject to beliefs, and often something that needed to be 'fixed' by the mental body. These ideas and concepts have evolved into what is now known as mind/body medicine, and they also form the basis of the modern use of hypnosis and other mental techniques to resolve physical and emotional issues.

"As I have stated here and in other channeled material, I am evolving. While this is difficult to conceive for many people with an older, more fundamental understanding of my nature, it is none the less true. As I evolve I learn and grow in understanding. The issues I asked Seth to address more than a generation ago need to be addressed differently now. This web site and other modern channeled material are examples of my more recent understandings.

"With the exception a few minor distortions near the end of the work, the channeling of Jane Roberts is quite accurate and very descriptive of many layers and dimensions of reality. The time has come now for the other shoe to drop, to fill in the gaps left by Seth in understanding the true nature of reality and the full role of humans in Creation. The material on this web site is my current offering in this regard."

Discussion of the Seth Material

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