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The Urantia Book

"The Urantia Book is the earliest of the several bodies of material by the modern 'channelers' we will be discussing on the site. The Urantia Papers follow the standard text that is delivered eventually to each evolving species in the universe.

"It's delivery is usually timed to arrive several generations ahead of a planetary crisis, and it's purpose is to help facilitate a complete renewal of the evolving species' individuals, culture and planet. The intention of the material was to convey a larger perspective of Deity and Creation than was previously available, and to illustrate the process used by evolutionary will beings to become creators of their own universes.

"The standard text is modified for each planet to meet the the specific needs of its evolving will beings. In this case information about the life of Jesus is included to ground the rest of the material in the dominant spiritual paradigm at the time of transmission. Many spirit teachers and administrative helpers have taken responsibility as the sources of the material, but of course the Light is mine.

"The Urantia papers detail the multiple levels and inner workings of the reality of a larger universe that has spawned this universe and several others before it. The first or Central Universe, created by Grandfather and the original Mother, provided the starting point for former evolutionary will beings like myself to become creators of their own universes. And this is the journey you are on as well.

"The Urantia channeling is already three generations old and many of the concepts and realities that are described in the material can be modernized and otherwise improved to be more understandable in these times. Also, because of the deep trance channeling method that was used, the language of the papers is fairly removed from the norms of current usage, and is more formal and less accessible than for instance the language used here and in the Conversations with God and Right Use of Will channeling. And of course, like so many other teachings from the spirit polarity, there is no mention of the Mother and her plight in this material. However, aside from the obvious denials of the magnetic polarity, the Urantia information as it describes realities of Spirit is essentially correct, and I stand behind it as its original source and inspiration."

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