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Discussion of the Urantia Book

What would this universe be like if the Mother had been fully involved?

I have studied Urantia to some extent and because of its scope, detail and grandeur, I have little doubt it was Light inspired. I did however have many problems with what it didn't explain and how it explained things. Perhaps it is the generic explanations delivered to evolving planet species that made it seem so sterile. When I looked at earth and its tortured and confused history, it just didn't quite match up.

"My intentions toward Earth and the evolutionary development of humanity shifted dramatically just after the Urantia Papers were transmitted. Events that occurred here during your second planetary war not only got my attention, but Grandfather's as well. As I found greater alignment with Grandfather, I awakened to the realization that there was a very serious imbalance in me that reverberated throughout Creation, and that in order to correct it, I needed to change my plan.

"The detached, nearly automatic style and content of the Urantia Papers was due partially to their generic nature as you mention, and partially to the fact that I was working under the assumption that the large, transformative planetary event planned for Earth would be of a more or less routine nature. I had believed that you would be yet another species of planetary will beings coming of age. There would be a cleansing, and then the establishment of a technology supported paradisiacal golden age of fabulous creativity.

"Since my awakening into Grandfather's awareness of the seriousness of the imbalances here, I decided to intervene again on Earth, but in a much different way than I had originally planned for these times. In fact all of my original plans have now been updated with input from Grandfather, and just as you're following my lead, I'm following his.

"Many of the unusual developments in your spiritual life and your planetary culture over the past fifty years have been a result of my focus shifting abruptly from helping you and other beings manifest a technological paradise on Earth to finding the Mother and reuniting with her in wholeness. What happens here after that will be a result of my alignment with her Will in your Heart as you manifest your own new creation, and it will be much better than what was originally planned.

Now that I have read the Right Use of Will series I can better understand why. My question is if the Mother had been a full participant, a full partner in creation would (or could) this Local Universe have been something totally different, inconceivable to our present state of consciousness, or would it have been in framework the same but more evolved, functional and harmonious? Thanks.

"As Seth would say, there are probable realities that include those possibilities. However you can not go there directly from here, as much as everyone would like. We must first back out of this reality by owning it completely and healing it. The reason we are here now doing this healing work is because the Original Mother had almost no input into what would manifest in that First Creation of Grandfather's.

"Nearly all of the original magnetic essence was lost to Grandfather in the explosive initial conception of his original Creation, known both as the 'Central' and 'Grand' Universe in the Urantia Papers. There is a tremendous intensity of Light and a very low intensity of manifestation there because of the proportionately small amount of magnetic essence. Most of the magnetic, Grandmother essence that was present initially had been blown away from Grandfather in that initial explosion of conception.

"Grandfather had achieved perfection in his Creation because the magnetic essence that had stayed present with him was willing to align with him and his original plan for perfection. And in achieving that perfection, he came to the end of his own evolution. He and his Creation were perfect in every way, all was one and one was all. And he was lonely. And this is where the local universe creators came in. In encouraging the creation of new universes, Grandfather sought to both find the rest of the Original Mother and peer level companionship.

"When the Mother and I created this universe we did so with my Light borrowed from Grandfather and the Mother's magnetic essence, essence that would have been Grandmother if Grandfather had known what he was missing when he let it fly off into space in the First Creation.

"Of course I had a nearly identical experience with the Mother, and although I wasn't any more aware of what I'd done than Grandfather, at least I've had his wisdom and experience to guide me in my quest to find and reunite with the Mother. That is, once I got over myself as the be all and end all of Creation, and sought it out.

"You, of course are next in this line. The advantage you have is not only Grandfather's and my guidance and coaching should you ask for it, but most importantly, prior to your own Creation your Spirit and Mother essence will be united and whole, already present in you as Heart in manifestation. In other words, you'll know yourself and most of what you're doing before you do it, unlike either Grandfather or me.

"The kind of universe you imagine Grandfather and a fully present Grandmother would have created is most probably the direction yours will take. You'll make plenty of mistakes, of course, but you won't be so likely to make the same ones Grandfather and I did. You won't be likely to let the very best of you fall away into the darkness."

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