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By Anonymous on Sunday, July 16, 2000 - 04:53 pm:

To Body, A love note

Nice to know that there even is a parental part of body left, capable of helping and communicating lovingness even to the most lost parts of lost will. Why do I have this overwhelming impulse to leap into your arms and hide in your harriness, even yet?

Nice to know you are somewhere, and have survived in good enough shape to help me along once again. Wish you were here with me wrapped up in your arms. I so desire your delight, but darling, my most trapped and hidden lost will still has issues. And she now wishes to speak to you from her torture chamber, in the Subterranean dungeon of her lower chakras. Tread softly here Love, she is too bruised to hold and too frightened to receive much information, as her only experience is to have been hit by an 18 wheeler. Our child's guts fell out when they pulled her from the wreckage. It is the parental part of her will who feels she cannot go on without me, her broken child, HEART.

Dear Shinny, dear delight. I sense your loving presence as a pinpoint of light in this darkness I have fallen to. I have seen it before, as you know now. I am not dead and I am not completely retarded. I now wait for my parental free will to align with you, my most parental father.

Daddy!!! I need you! Need you and Mamma so bad! Mom thinks about me all day, every day. And she cries out my name. And she devours every shred of information you, and shiney, and Grandfather, and free will/Mother gives her. So hopeful is she that together, somehow, you can redeem me from this dark grave. And "her heart" is me and she refuses to go to "the light" without me. She has judged herself to be twisted and sick to want to bring a child back into such a world, unable to let go of me, compulsively obsessed with the dead, unable to mourn and get over it, sick and twisted to hold on to anything as lifeless as me. But still, she cannot stop.

Now you say that help is on the way. AND WE BELIEVE IT. Because, it was you who snatched me from the plane of reversal. And after all, it was you who showed up with all of those birds that other time so very long ago. Mom is so totally into you. She always knew it would be you who would assist her in rescuing me and recreating and reinventing me. And she is giddy with joy at the mere possibility. Mom feels like she needs a seed or some kind of a genetic code to recreate my form/body in manifestation. I so love it there. She is desperate here and wants to know if this is the way to go or not. I suppose these answers, and much more, will be revealed as the GodChannel gives out more information. Not a moment too soon, nor a moment too late. I might add.

Even now, in my death and isolation, and in the lowest realms, I can sense your love's presence. I speak from the conscious part of the awakening most lost part. Mom is almost compulsively obsessed with the help you are giving her now.

And that right there I feel in the trickle down.

One last thing, my delight. I still feel your sterness, but shinny covered for you there and explained the whole thing pains-taking-ly. And you know that I will always leap to the side of love's golden glow. And of course I love you, you big silly. How else could I stand you? And I wouldn't even know what love's golden glow felt like without the help/love of your amazing lawyer, condemner/adversary, my first love and first heart, my brilliant morning and evening star, my brilliant beloved, shinny, consciousness. Without whom I cannot even move my lips to tell you how deeply sorry and ecstatically in love with you I will always be, and always have been. But how long can my heart break without your physical presence.

One last thing: I would like to clearly state my motive/desire/agenda in all of this. Simple. Same as it ever was. To go to hell and get the kids and take them home and now you tell me it is time. I have reversed the "too little too late" judgment now and very soon, with love's help, I will be good to go.


By Eddie Conradie on Monday, July 17, 2000 - 11:33 am:

Thank you, Selah, that was absolutely beautiful!

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