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Healing Class - Lesson Two

The Spirit Polarity

Part One: The Void

"Because I am evolving, I have the opportunity to learn and grow in understanding. I know things now that I had not known before. One of the most important realizations I've gained recently is that I have created not one, but two separate beings to hold my own denied Light. The first one that I became aware of is called Lucifer. The name of the other denied part of me is Ahriman.

"I now would like to give some new understandings about the Spirit polarity in Creation, and I'll begin with an understanding about Creation and its relationship to Deity. As I have already said, Spirit is emerging from the Void. I have also said that the Mother opens the space for Spirit to emerge into. The Void is not only the antithesis of Spirit, the electric principle, but also the antithesis of the magnetic principle, Desire, the Mother of Creation. The Void is the absolute 'not' to all of existence including Deity, which is both the Mother and me. The Void also balances All That Is, and therefore makes existence possible.

"A metaphor may be helpful to understand the relationship between Deity, Creation and the Void. It is as if the Void is like a vacuum cleaner. On one end energy is being drawn in and from the other end it's pushed out. While Light, the Spirit side of Deity, the electrical energy of the universe is emerging, Desire, the magnetic energy of the universe draws the Light out of the vacuum and into existence and manifestation. Desire in turn, is lost if it returns to the Void.

"The tension between existence and annihilation causes a fluctuating, swirling movement that causes a 'quivering' in the vortex of magnetic essence. This movement is what draws Light into existence. The Light, or Spirit essence merges with the swirling magnetic essence, keeping it in motion.

"The interplay or dance of the electric and magnetic principles creates both Heart and Manifestation. Because it is moving and relating with Light, the magnetic essence stays in existence, and does not return to the Void.

"The swirling, rippling, undulating movement of Desire is the prime cause of Creation, but this essence has been in danger of being lost entirely. Over the eons, much of the original Magnetic essence has been lost to the Void because it stopped moving, rather than remain attractive to Light that was hurting it.

"Magnetic essence that is not moving cannot attract Light and therefore must return to the Void. Recovery of the lost magnetic essence is possible, but only if there is enough of it still in existence to attract enough of its own essence and enough Light to manifest a recovery effort.

"As we go along in this class there will be more understandings from my perspective about how the magnetic movement happens, what has stopped it, and what Spirit can do to help Desire get herself moving again toward her own wholeness. However, I will say now that releasing judgments against self, emotions and the expression of emotions is the single easiest and most powerful way for Spirit to help frozen Desire find movement again.

"It seems that Light has its own motivation in seeking Desire, and in a way it does. However, Light is not seeking Desire because it wants to, I am seeking desire because I am drawn to her. The quivering of Desire first creates the space necessary for my Light to emerge into existence. If there is no Desire, there can be no Light because Light's first need is a space in which to exist.

"The Mother of Creation is the first cause. There must first be a drawing in by the vacuum before there can be a pushing out. Nothing can exist without Desire first creating the space for it. However, the problems in Creation have nothing to do with the Mother and how she opens space, but everything to do with Spirit and how I have presented myself to her.

"Nothing exists in the Void, neither Spirit nor Desire. Yet both of the primary cosmic energies are causal to Creation and together they form 'existence'. I understand very well how I emerge from the Void, however I am uncertain of the details of how Desire returns to the Void.

"My Light has never penetrated that far. In her deepest nature, she has always been a mystery to me. It is not necessary for me to know how she's here in existence, but it is important to know why she goes away and what I can do to help her stay.

"To find out what I can do to help keep the Mother in existence, I have come to look at myself as the both the cause of her coming and the cause of her going. If the problem of her leaving were not mine, I would never find the solution to it. So to be helpful here, I must first assume that the quality and perhaps the quantity of my Light is causal to her coming and leaving.

"I have direct control of the quality of my Light, and indirect control of its quantity. The amount of Light that can be present anywhere is determined by the amount of space that is opened to receive it.

"Desire, from before the beginning has been sensitive to the quality of Light she receives. Some Light has felt good to her, and some has not. When light did not feel good, she closed the space she had previously opened to receive it. This has had several noticeable effects, including a reduction of Light in that space and the stopping of her movement. It has also left much of the magnetic essence with light she never wanted to receive torturously trapped inside of herself."

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