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Healing Class - Lesson Three

Reclaiming Lost Spirit

Part Five: Spirit and Superiority

"In the beginning of this lesson I've told part of the story of how I tried to use the magnetic, Mother essence as a 'mirror' to reflect myself back to me so I could learn more about my identity. There is some more of the story of our first encounter that needs to be told now. I was not only curious about this 'thing' I had discovered, I was afraid of it. I knew right away it was not me, and although I knew almost nothing else about it, I feared that it could overpower me.

"My initial curiosity about this thing was not purely scientific, but was fueled by a deep apprehension that it might somehow dislodge me from my position. This feeling was doubly disconcerting because at that time I was still uncertain of who or what I was, and my identity and position were beginning to seem one in the same. I immediately adopted an attitude of wariness and suspicion toward the newcomer, and at the same time I denied my fears of her because I didn't like how they felt.

"I also felt that my position, and therefore my existence would be even more threatened if I admitted these fears, so at the time I felt right in denying them. Besides, I had already decided that I wanted to feel only pleasant feelings, and these feelings were clearly not pleasant. Of course, I blamed the magnetic essence for giving them to me, and I had some anger about that which also went undercurrent when I denied it for being too unpleasant to feel.

"I had denied both fear and anger in order to feel good about myself while protecting myself from an unknown threat. I very much wanted to get rid of this disturbing, threatening thing as soon as possible, but curiosity about myself returned as soon I felt that I had 'dealt' with the 'threat' by denying my feelings about it.

"Now reassured of my superiority, I decided to use my position in relation to this 'thing' to make her help me find out more about myself. What I didn't realize then was that my perceived need to protect myself and my position, along with my denied feelings, were driving my thoughts and behaviors as I experimented with this stranger who was not me.

"It was during this experience that I established the first 'principle' in Creation. I laid it down as a Divine Fiat that Spirit, namely me, was superior to any and all others who were not me. And the undercurrents of this formal determination of my superiority have been fueling the war that has been raging in Heaven and throughout Creation ever since.

"I know now that this 'principle' was actually only a notion that I adopted defensively in a time of vulnerability, and that it has no basis in reality other than the reality I have given it. Nevertheless, this imprint carries all the weight of God's Word and has infected every spirit in Creation. The effects of this have made a huge mess of almost all the relating among spirits and all manifested beings, and especially between the Mother and me.

"Every fragment of Spirit has this imprint of superiority, and because of it every spirit has felt the need to assert their superiority whenever their identity or position is threatened, or whenever they've wanted to take something from an 'inferior'. This imprint is what drives all predatory behavior in Creation. It is the basis of all competition and fights, and of course the fundamental motivation of war.

"The superiority imprint is activated in those who believe they are right, are on the right side in a battle, have just cause in attacking another, are in some way 'better' than another, wanting something another has, or are feeling like they need to win or be first. This imprint is the deep unconscious driving force under all feelings of competition, and in every use of weapons, including self defense. The need to be right and the need to be superior are very deeply ingrained in the spirit essence of all beings because of this imprint.

"Magnetic essence, however, does not have this imprint. Magnetic essence, without influence of spirit or undermining by spirit's judgments, is naturally open and receptive and holds no beliefs or judgments of its own. It is only spirit essence that can make and hold judgments, and only spirit essence that feels the need to be superior. This is an important key in learning to know the difference between these two essences within yourself. Magnetic essence has an agenda of love and nurturance, spirit essence has an agenda of accomplishment and winning, and of course both essences are present in all humans.

"Because I am the Creator of this universe and the role model for the Spirit Polarity, it seems that I have a 'superior' and therefore better position relative to other spirits. Because parents are older, wiser, and more responsible than their small children, it seems that they have a superior position relative to their children. The same for teachers and students, mentors and protégés, coaches and performers, etc. And because their position is 'superior', it is easy for them and others to believe that they are somehow superior as a being, and this is simply not true. It is also not true that one position is superior to another in every way, and we'll discuss more of the position issue soon.

"The truth is that 'superior' and its opposite 'inferior' are both value judgments. To value one thing as superior to another is to value the other as inferior, and both of these judgments, like all value judgments, are wrong. This may seem hard to believe at first, but if you look closely at each example you find of these judgments in yourself, you'll see that what I'm saying here is true.

"This is actually very good news, because when you realize that you are not superior to someone else, you must also realize that no one else is superior to you. There are no gradations of quality in my Creation. Every being, every object is excellent. None is better or worse than another. There are vast differences in ability and position, but these differences do not speak to anyone's quality of being. Ability and position differences are issues that speak to the circumstances and environment in which a being finds itself.

"My position relative to the Spirit polarity may be that of leader, but this does not mean that I am superior to other spirits, and it does not mean that the position of leader is a superior position to the position of follower. It is different, but not 'better'. This also does not mean that the parent or the teacher is better than the child or the student. They have different roles relative to each other, but those roles can and often do change. Was Plato better than Aristotle? Neither of them believed so. Is a man better than a woman, or a woman better than a man? No, and although they may be in different positions relative to each other, neither position is better.

"There's been a lot of talk about how God is better than everyone else, and I must admit that as long as I was worried about my identity and my position, I encouraged that perception. Now that I'm aware of how much damage and suffering has been caused by the Principle of Superiority, and because of the fact that it's simply not true, I have released the judgments that created it in the first place. I have also felt through the imprint and the feelings I had denied at the time, and this part of the Mother and I are now together. Now all anyone need do to be free from the bondage of needing to be right is to release the judgments that hold this imprint in place, and we'll discuss this and more in the next part of this lesson, 'Superiority and the Two Devils'."


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