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Channeling Class


"This is Spirit. This class is the most important offered here, because my primary intention is to help you establish strong, inner, two-way communication with me. When we are in communication, you will know it's me partly by the way my messages align with the other information I have given here, and through my other channelers. However, the most important way you'll know it's my presence you sense and my voice you hear is by a certain felt sense. Developing, refining and using this sense is the main subject of the class.

"This class is experiential. Channeling, like any skill, can be learned only through practice. The class will also include input from some of you who have already had experience in channeling me. Besides the channelers here, several others have also established avenues of deep communication with me, and I'll ask them to come forward and add their perspectives as well.

"The truth is that you and I are already in inner communication. From my side I know this very well. From your side, however, it may not seem to be true. The reason is that you are not yet aware of all that is going on inside of you. Out of ordinary awareness, in the deep unconscious mind, you are in constant contact and communication with me and the other parts of Deity, and not only with us, but with every being in Creation.

The Iceberg Metaphor

"It's as if your conscious mind, the one you know, is the tip of an iceberg. Your unconscious mind is like the rest of the iceberg, very large and powerful, and yet unseen because it floats below the surface of your awareness. It is in this deeper part of you that doorways open to other realms, other realities beyond what's obvious to the external senses of the conscious mind. One kind of inner doorway opens to the spirits of others around you, as well as to those not so near. A slightly different kind of inner doorway opens directly to me.

"Since there is already inner communication, the work in this class is aimed at helping you become more aware of it, and finding ways to rely on it. Awareness of energy is the first step in this process. Although the specific energy practices in this class are not essential to be able to channel, it's important to be aware of the differences between your own energy and that of others. I therefore strongly suggest this practice before going on to Lesson One. I have asked the channelers to present this practice from their own experiences."

Running Energy Practice

Channeling Class Discussion

Lesson One: Meeting the Source

Lesson Two: Written Channeling

Lesson Three: Channeling 'the Folks'

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