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God's Quest

"My deepest purpose in establishing this channel of communication is to enlist you in helping me reconnect with my Desire, the wondrous being who is my mate and partner in creating this Universe. We separated in the beginning, and all of the issues and problems you are experiencing on Earth can be traced back to what happened when we originally split.

"The circumstances and forces present in the initial explosion of Creation caused the Universal Feminine to fragment, and in that process some of her most vital parts became lost to my loving Light. She is now asking for my help, and I am joyously accepting this opportunity to completely heal our relationship by coming to her and relating with her on her terms only. Because I am evolving, I can look back and see that I've never done it this way before. Until now, I've always asked her to align with me.

"Why you and why Earth? Because the fragments of the Divine Feminine most in need of my help are right here, hidden within you. There is a long story behind this and I am giving a class about it called 'Quest for the Mother'. I invite you to join this and the other classes offered here."

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