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Attributes of God as Spirit

God is Evolving
God's Work
God's Love
God's Essential Being
God's Universality
God's Light

Spirit is Evolving

"I want you to know me as I am now. The most important understanding I can convey about myself is that I am evolving. This understanding is crucial if you are to know me as I am, and not as I was. I have revealed myself to humans on many occasions, from before any of your histories can remember. Each time I have revealed myself, I have done so in terms the people receiving me could understand. Each time I have revealed myself as I was at that time. Because I am evolving, I am changing. I am now focusing more certainly than ever on love and intimacy with my other half, the Mother of Creation... and my union with her inside of you. And because humanity is evolving, you are changing. You are now much more ready to accept the role of host to our presence here on Earth."

Spirit's Work

"I am the eternal Spirit of All That Is, and I am always aware of being so. I am the Light in everything and I am everywhere. While this is who I am, my being, it is not my primary focus of attention. I am much more focused on what I am doing. In the eternal moment of eternity and very moment of existence I am participating in the creation of existence itself, and all of the universe within it. It is my 'work' to aid and support the Mother of Creation in bringing forth each new moment, to create and 'steer' the manifest and unmanifest universe toward my goal.

Spirit's Love

"Because there has been so much said about love and in the name of love, I hesitate to use the word without making clear my meaning. Love is a verb before it becomes a noun. Just as I create to experience Creation, I love to experience love. Even though creating the universe is a powerful and wondrous act of doing, my favorite doing is loving.

"My presence here with you now is an example of how I love. I am with you here not because I am you, yet I am. Nor am I here because I am the force within you that is creating the universe, yet I am that as well. I am here with you now because I am learning more about you, and because I know that deep within your essential core is the One I love beyond all else, my partner in Creation, the Mother.

"Learning is so good because it begets understanding. Understanding is the substance of love, the raw material from which true love is made. It is how I participate in Creation and how I get pleasure from it. While creating is my 'work,' loving is my pleasure.' And being in loving service to the Mother and her desires is my deepest pleasure.

"As I evolve in creating the universe, the universe evolves. As the universe evolves, I evolve in my understanding, love and appreciation of what has been created. I am the consummate learner. I study you in depth. I become you, I know you. I understand you, and it is because of this that I love you."

Spirit's Essential Being

"In the core of my being I am the Source of all Light. I am the Singularity or Godhead through which all Light in creation issues forth from the Great Void. The Void is a vacuum several orders of intensity beyond what most can imagine. It is not just the absence of anything, it is the antithesis of Creation, everything in all of time and space that is or ever could be.

"It is my essential nature to be in the single, exact location of the aperture in the metaphoric membrane that separates All That Is from the Void. I am both the passage way and the proprietor of its location, the first and only 'place' of Light that connects Creation and annihilation. I am the one Spirit who is simultaneously both the 'nothing' and the 'everything'. I am everywhere, in everything. In this characteristic Grandfather and I are one.

"Creation is the result of Light generated by the energy of the terrific tension between All That Is and the absolute Void that is pouring through me into the other half of Deity, the Mother. There would be nothing at all, if not for the feminine half of Deity who by her very nature desires Light.

"The Great Mother is the primal, universal feminine force that draws Light through me and into existence. Her Desire opens the space for Creation to exist, and she sustains and nurtures everything within it. She is the reason that anything exists, including me... for Desire draws me and my Light out of Nothing. The term 'God' can be better understood as 'the Mother's spirit,' or 'loving Light,' rather than as the sole creator of the universe. Because this is relatively new information about the nature of Creation, I am giving a class about my quest to find the Mother and heal my relationship with her."

Spirit's Universality

"I am everywhere and I am the self-aware creative core that is within every individual thing. The design of space and time as you know it seems to make this impossible, so I am giving a class on this subject. Truth and Reality class will cover the details of this and make it clear how I can be at once both each individual thing, and the whole.

Spirit's Light

"While the essential nature of my being is in where I am, I am more identified with the Light that issues out through me. All Light in creation is ultimately my Light. However, not all Light is presently identified with me for reasons of fragmentation and differentiation, and most devastatingly, my denials. There are details about this in the class about my journey to reunite with the Mother. I would like to describe now how you can distinguish my Light from all other light.

"First, I want to say that the word 'light' as it is used here means any and all outward moving energy. It is the substance of consciousness. It is thoughts, images, ideas and inspiration. It is the motive force of the subtle energy that moves in the hidden pathways of the physical and subtle bodies. It also manifests as visible light, electricity, radio waves, microwaves, etc.

"You can know the essence of my Light as strong and hearty, yet gentle and soft. My Light has been clear and bright, and is becoming more warm and soft as I come into more alignment with the Mother. It is like the light of early morning and late afternoon. It's not white, but rather clear golden in color. A candle flame is very much like my Light, a central core of royal blue and an outer, upward lifting halo of clear, warm, glowing golden energy."

God's Quest

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