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Truth & Reality Class

Lesson Three Discussion

I Recognize Myself

I'm Overwhelmed

Very Free Expression - In and Around Body

Magic and Miracles

Additional Discussion in the Healing Class area of the GodChannel Forum

I Recognize Myself

Hello, I have found your site today and was delighted by the coincidence of the most recent addition of the Body page, only 11 days ago...

From the beginning of my work with this material in 1992, I identified most strongly with Body's experience (as described in the RUOW books). I have connected to the Body in my studies of martial arts, as an artist and craftsman, as a massage therapist, and as a gardener. It was in massage school that I met the woman who has introduced me to the RUOW books. I did some work with her that year and was able to heal my relationship with women in a way that I value most - effortlessly.

Over the years I have found that while I can generate insights and understandings about any situation; they often help only momentarily and often take me away from emotions. When I try the mother's way I often find such lack of consciousness and such absence of direction that I am unable to make that work move in any way. The Body on the other hand has helped consistently and I have recovered enough of my personal power to make my life better.

I would like now to take my place and to take responsibility for those parts of the story of creation which resonate with me. (I am assuming here that your website can serve as a point of connection between my expression and those of others who resonate with it.)

I recognize myself in the part of the story which describes blue, and which describes the homicidal maniac who attacked the Mother when she dared to disturb the Spirit and again when she dared to choose Him over me.

I recognize myself in the story of Pangea as parts of the essence which manifested as satyrs - both as those that schemed to control the Mother of Earth and as those that fought on the side of Father of Manifestation.

I recognize myself in that part of Spirit essence that hated to have it's plans disturbed by allowing the Mother a place in them.

I recognize myself as that essence which shames women who are raped by being detached and unsoiled by either side of the experience - of the rapist and of the raped.

I recognize myself as that essence which has chosen the past life of a Buddhist monk as a way to avid the terror of direct experience while struggling to remain connected to it through understanding.

My relationship with my wife is my spiritual path and I seek simply make my life better. I recognize first of all that I will most likely live about 80 years and so my desire to heal everything is tempered by the limitations of daily existence and by a need to fix the old house I live in. It is further tempered by a desire to have some fun and to not bore my wife with my spirituality. I am interested in others who resonate with Body and who are interested in manifesting tangible expressions of their healing process. My interest here extends to hearing about their stories and to small bursts of cooperative effort.

I honor the way of the Spirit and the Mother, and look forward to the time when words will regain their full power and when emotions can move freely. I end with a poem I wrote for my wife.

the cleaning, the cleaning
the cups race madly back to the saucers
Christine's coming

the gray cloud
hides a friendship
waving orange from below

the messy table
ordered into submission
of stacked plates

at my feet
a birds eye periphery
of a crowded sky

the rebirth of order
promises again
only a pause

as blue greets red
in the bright place
by the door

I'm Overwhelmed

I honestly and truly like your website. Just for the fact that you (channelers) are out there and you desire a world of magic and love and healing and immortality. I love you for that. I do too, thank you!

I am overwhelmed by this life and totally and honestly don't see things turning around for me unless I win the lottery which I don't even play. It takes me years to manifest something that someone with money doesn't even have to think twice about and it is done and they are on to the next thing. Jealous, yes I am. I am definitely an economic slave, which is a slave.

There are times when I just want to surrender and get a very easy low paying job just to lower my stress level without the hope of ever getting ahead financially. But at least I might have a small pocket of peace... and then there are times when I want to completely drop out and just eat whenever I can afford something, and then there is a part of me that really doesn't feel all that good but says that I need to work harder and harder and learn how to sleep less and work more and more until I reach a higher level. Hustle my ass off and try anything and everything and keep hustling and hustling and don't stop until I feel more powerful.

Aside from all of this (yes, I'm kind of crazy). What are your thoughts on kundalini yoga? Do you feel that it is a helpful process for moving energy or just more conditioning?

Channelers: Kundalini Yoga can be a very powerful tool, but in our opinion not at all safe or responsible without very good grounding. We suggest practicing the running energy exercise first, with special attention to the Mother or "earth" energy. A solid connection there is primary to any other energy work. As we understand it, balance is the way to healing, and grounding and releasing the judgments you mentioned can go a lot further in the healing work than winning the lottery. At least for right now. And thank you very much for your kind comments, you're pretty out there too.

Very Free Expression - In and Around Body

Dear Channelers, The Father of Loving Light runs this station... I sense you must be scared for so recent a Change. Thank you very much for supporting and not leaving me as is. I don't have much sense right now but wanted to herald in as well this update by body-folk. I welcome so much your status in coming home through the human being.

I don't know how to channel well consciously but can-do much else with this. Nor do I talk like these selected for this website, except for looking for heart daughter(s), but I remember I can. You know I appreciate participating in all this. I'm handling a lot of guilt with this further said confusion of Body's. I'm often stuck wondering abysmally of the 'spirit-polarity', and actually, I'm worried sick about that. I don't even know how you respond between paragraphs of someone writing here, per my situation. The channelers have said, ask a question, and I've gotten no response yet. OK, I wait. Try me. I can talk with God; hello?

Channelers: Yes, you can... on the inside is much better, you know. See you in channeling class? We love hearing from you, and this time we're posting your piece... (Body's making us do it.)

Anyway, I'm listening to all these on the website. I therefore, wish strongly for more connecting points, until they find their balances. I've told the channelers well of who I am and took a risk with mentioning the mother's torture in Greece; you must attend with parental parts first!

Who are we and 'where'? Yah, well, then God talks to heart daughter oft and before me; is that per the channelers? Or my blocks per overpowerings here upon me? I still sift blindly and am waylaid because humans on these paths don't see me? However, it happened that what I told the channelers was of the spirit side. I'm also of body side and in the meantime, knew the will. I'm blessed but most forlorn, and get regret trying to talk. Thoroughness was suggested by God and I dam well know it.

Thank you to those in Russia et al; I listened there as best I could. It seems local people bar me from relating with you. Period, and yet, without judgment; guilt there yet, I suppose. I know where we're going, like you're going to hear all of this while at the same time, I wait for some good reason that can only blend with me anyway, in that middle heart zone as wretched as some NYC, would I 'chill' with body,....and romance demands heart daughter but, she's so perfect and torturous; poor world...

The net screen turns cold with a turn of my blood; God calls it 'better back away from THAT. will'....Yet who respects blood; us 'few'? The dead? You left a bloody heart alone?! Wow, "constriction". God cannot prove he didn't send me into war when I couldn't handle it, even now. And now, they can't leave me, yet they leave me suffering it; my Love Body. Can't fly, folks?; check. Speaking of imbalanced money, not asura. Who ARE your buddies now, God? My blood bubbles the world's; sarcasms to heavens to bitterness to joys and yet, I'm denied. One girl shot will do you, God. Me, I gotta handle ALL of you, far away from marriage, somehow.

Who's puttin all these girls on net, body? I didn't ask for techy tech. O, your gap with god; running over me, oh yea, right,. Whoops, I gapped: between girls on net and reality; oh yea, I remember: I wrote to you about that. Channelers are here, authors of this are there and you, you, you didn't respond about that; a fine line between reality and fantasy; very, very important fine line, as I listen on to god here; and you get/got your sympathy; fine; 'it didn't come through,' right? Well, just don't go past my lifetime; you don't want THIS weight to go down on you. Or maybe you'd relish it? War here or bust. You put your proof in my pudding. I can't just watch a movie,...you make me that bitter, and inbetween, I have to reflect 'bitter'. So, now I go to court, simply from your going 'around the side, so to speak'; butt manifesting,...aww, couldn't handle a romantic of romantics...

I'm not done; I can't be done, with this God speaking so and relating with all parts of us at the same time, upon loving ways. Here's my mother, over there somewhere while I can only chance upon her. Man, where's this rage from, body? Here's my mate and you give me black; here's my 'mother' and you give me white. But only in one place is my right place... for now; who isn't handling it?! Why? No problem, let's just die, is a word... But for me, that's denial. You see?

Why am I parental, only to wait for you and you and you and heart to lovingly hold each other?! When I drift with You, this tragedy happens; if I hold off, that one happens; that's all; everyone lives that, but what if I could be there? You don't really start. As I say of my will; she can save millions of lives or she can murder millions of lives, and that was half a year ago upon a nanosecond. And I say thank you in the meantime... Where's my one and only LIFE?! Why should I ask you?! Can't I just wait when I'm not so peeved?!, people?! No, I can't stop; I must give heaven's language until it's rote or so. Being so good, I must be so bad-a curse until Godparts align. Well, I'm THIS God-part; want details? Well?

I'll just blow off Blue then; twist him like a broken neck in a daily routine I can't admire. That's alright, he was very illegal all along. And then 'godly' so. I have nothing else to do, for the will is where it's at. Another movie beyond my times eh? Oh, and now an ad from the 'spirit polarity'... yep, you're 'still there'... I'm a pointer in Essence, but give me imbalance, I'll have to point wherever; I got my role....

But God has managed... .all this... I'd be dead by now of course, without his change(s). I can talk of that and him. I can talk of body and his'...and I can talk of the will; and I can talk of hearts, so...? There you go-and we're supposed to be moving-and we are-but when it comes to me, spurt, sput, spurt, sput... it drives me nuts because now I know better of grace and what I was of that, especially combining right place and this lost-driven world. You frickin neighbors. You frickin lucky will, takin mine and talkin to God with it. Get real, get straight. What is God? Loving Light. Where must he go? Into Body. Where's the 'romance' even when Grandfather comes down? You're not here, how can I answer? I, therefore you, cannot know if God isn't aligned and so, here we suffer. (taking a break here...)

Truth & Reality Class, Lesson Four

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