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Truth & Reality Class - Lesson Four:

The Fundamental Questions of Manifestation


"This is Body, welcome to class. I'll begin this class with some basic understandings about manifestation that must be addressed before the healing class on Body gets too far along. 'Who', 'why', 'what', 'where', 'when', and 'how' are the basic questions of manifestation.

"The first part of the 'who' question has been addressed by Spirit in the Letter to the Parents of Creation, and Identity. The 'why' question was addressed by Grandfather in his Body Class Introduction. The 'what' question will be addressed here in this class, along with 'what's' necessary companions, 'where' and 'when'. All of the questions are very important of course, but in practice, in action... the really important question is in the 'how'. How does manifestation occur? How does it happen? The 'how' of manifestation is in serious need of healing, and will be addressed along with more of the 'who' question in the healing class.

"The answer to the 'how' question has been hidden from plain view in the world. In inner circles of secrecy it's been understood to be 'Magic' or 'Wizardry' or 'Sorcery'. From the feminine side its been called 'Mother's Way' 'Wicca' or 'Witchcraft'... or simply 'The Craft'. Although the feminine terms have been raped of their meaning by a dominant patriarchal paradigm that has managed to discredit not only the Craft, but the integrity of the women who have practiced it. Magic by any name, open or secret... is the 'The Way' of manifestation, the way it's been done.

"The real problem on Earth with Magic on both the masculine and feminine sides is that it hasn't yet been practiced from an appropriate level of wholeness and parentalness. It is the sacred way of manifestation, and yet much too often it's not been used for sacred purposes.

"Those who have been there know this, and know that the means of manifestation must be reclaimed from the denials that have plagued it since before the Land of Pan. It is now time for a healing of Magic on Earth, and the movement to a deeper form of Magic, worked in wholeness, and practiced by whole beings for the good of all. The ways of manifestation in wholeness will look and feel much different than what has been practiced in the past, under any name. This is why the 'how' question, along with the rest of the 'who' will be resolved in the Healing Class.

"Wholeness, meaning the full recovery of all the lost Will... is my first order of business, once I am fully present on Earth in both male and female human form. From the Father's side, the task now is to go into Hell... along with the most parental part of the Mother... to help her find and reclaim all of her lost Will still suffering the tortures of my denials. To prepare for doing this, I have been redeeming my denied light as Spirit.

"Part of Original Heart's plan is that the ultimate deeds of manifestation by those fully embodying New Heart in the wholeness of their being... could be accomplished only if both the masculine and feminine ways were used, and used together. To do this effectively, two beings, two separate manifestations of Body will be working together in complete cooperation. And gender is not at issue here.

"This new kind of partnership is necessary for two reasons. First, Original Heart has seen to it that before it re-members itself completely, there must be a least two separate but equally powerful magicians working together to form the new reality of Original Heart's presence in manifestation. Second, at least two practitioners will be needed to work in the new way that will be necessary to complete the healing here on Earth... the healing that has not yet been accomplished anywhere, the complete recover of all lost Will in all Creations."

Part One: The 'Where' of Manifestation, the Two Attentions

"Although the most important information about manifestation is the 'who' and the 'how', we first need to discuss 'what' manifestation is. And before that we do that, we'll talk about 'what's' most necessary precursor, the 'where' of manifestation.

"A fundamental truth about Body, manifestation... is that it happens in two domains simultaneously. Spirit has spoken about the multi-level nature of reality, and this principle applies to two different levels, or kinds of manifestation. All is one, of course... and yet there are two ways of being, two ways of perceiving, two ways of focusing awareness, two venues of existence, if you will. This duality of awareness has been taught in some cultures as the 'two domains', or the 'two attentions'.

"In the first domain or attention... everything is just as it seems. This is the reality of consensus that you form and change and form again with those who interact with you, and with the world at large. It's the world of three dimensions and linear time. It's what's in the media, and it's the ground zero of business and commerce... as well as politics and nations and war. It's the 'world' everyone agrees to believe is 'real.'

"The world of the first domain is also the world that will reverse on you and your efforts, should you deny its reality, or simply believe it not to be right. The bargains made among all of you to establish the rules of the consensus are very strictly enforced, and reversal is the price paid for not conforming to those rules. But there is much more than social reality in the first attention, there is matter itself, the substance of things, the dense forms of the first attention.

"The second domain or attention includes a vast multitude of dimensions and possibilities, and many layers of gradation from very dense to very subtle. In short, it includes everything that is not part of the first domain... and it includes the first domain as well.

"This principle of dual attention is the most fundamental duality in perception, and is therefore the most fundamental principle in manifestation. Body is manifested presence, but has two fundamental points of presence, or points of being... and Body can be fully understood only when both points are considered.

"Body's point of presence in the first domain is relative and fixed, but body's point of presence in the second domain is fluid, and can be universal. Each fragment of manifestation is Body, and provides Body with a separate and relative point of presence in the first domain. In this way Body is many.

"Body's point of presence in the second domain is relative and flexible, but can also be absolute. In the second domain, each layer of manifested reality from the most dense to the most subtle can provide a venue for another separate and relative point of presence in the second attention. Some layers or levels of reality, however... are universal, and one is absolute. That is, the point of presence there... is that of Deity.

"Deity exists both in the second domain with its universal self-awareness, and in the first domain... as the Body of each fragment in Creation. Deity is essence manifesting as Body, and therefore dual. But Deity is dual in another way as well. The two essential forces of creation, Spirit and Will... each have their own approach to being and expressing Body."

Identifying as Body

"Regardless of gender, in order to understand Body, it is necessary to experience as Body experiences, and of course the easiest way to do this is to identify with Body's point of presence in the first attention... as you yourself.

"Pop! There... now you are Body. And you're human. If you're reading this, it is with human eyes. No matter what part of Deity or other being may be in possession of you at the moment, you are human. And therefore, Body is human.

"You may not like this form, and you may wish for another form, but the fact remains. Here you are, Body... and this is your form. At least for now. Form change is another topic that will be discussed later in this class.

"Okay, you're Body. Good. Now to get the rest of the picture, identify with Spirit as you look out through your human eyes. First it's your own spirit essence filtered through mind, and behind that, of course... is God. And behind God is Grandfather. If you allow mind to relax... you will see that God and Grandfather have a point of presence deep inside of you.

"You can feel Grandfather's presence, his Light... as the clear, golden twinkle of your Will reflected in his eye, and the feel of his delight in catching your eye. You may also experience his presence as a 'wink' from him and the Mother... a fortuitous synchronicity in outer events, and an inner experience that bring hope and joy to your Heart. His grace can be felt as the sense of loving acceptance of you as you are now.

"Now looking out through your eyes, notice that your point of presence in the first domain is quite unique. Through you... Spirit has a vantage point in manifestation that is in a specific location in the time and space of the first attention. You also offer Spirit a unique set of memories, the skills and talents you've been handed or developed... and most importantly, your unique point were Spirit connects with the Mother.

"Notice that your point of presence goes far beyond your physical body and includes everything in your venue, your relationships and your dreams. Body does not end with its skin. Everything that can be perceived by Body is part of Body. Body is everything in manifestation, Body is universal. Body is one. And you are Body.

"This is the mystery of Body, and the reason Body is so important... Body is many, and Body is one. All is one, and Body is no exception. But then thanks to Body, there are many. And this is the crux of the matter, the crux of manifestation. Body is all that you perceive... on the outside from Body's point of presence in the first domain, and on the inside from Body's attention at any and all points of presence in the second domain.

"To understand this better it may be good to do an experiment of the imagination. If you do this 'thought experiment' you may have the experience of partly shifting to the second attention. This is one way to become aware of your point of presence in the second attention, and I invite you to try it.

"As you gaze out at the world in front of you... notice that objects have surfaces, and that's all you can see of them, what is on their outsides. You are looking at, you are seeing, the outsideof the various objects of the first attention.

"Notice the surfaces of the things below you, on either side of you, above you, and behind you. If you are indoors, notice all six sides of the room you you're in. Notice that you can't see what is on the other side of the surface of the world you are facing, what is on the other side of the walls, ceiling and floor. If you are outdoors, look around you as far as you can see, and notice that at some point, your perception ends, and you can't see beyond that.

"All around you, no matter in which direction you look, all you see are the surfaces of things. You are in the center of your venue, in the ordinary everyday reality of the first attention. You see the surfaces of things in the world surrounding you, as if you were in the center of a large ball. Allow this to become very present for you. It is simply what is so.

"Now imagine that the inner surface of your ball is thin and flexible, like a balloon... that you are inside of. And imagine that you can reach out and grab the inner surface, and pull it toward you. As you pull the flexible inner surface of the world toward you, move yourself back too, all the way back through the small opening of the balloon, until you are outside of it.

"Pop! You have now turned the balloon, the world... inside-out. You are still seeing the same surfaces, on the inside of your 'balloon', but now from a very different perspective. What do you notice about this point of view?

"You may now have the sense of being in a much larger place. You may be finding that from this new place where you can still view the inside of your balloon... you can also view the inside of other balloons as well. When you turned the world as represented by your balloon inside out, you put yourself in a place where you can see that everyone else's balloons are inside out too, just like yours.

"You are now partly in the second attention, you have taken a step back from the outside world, and are now perceiving it through another route, through the insidesof things. This is very much like the point of view of the Parents of Creation, their universal point of presence in the second attention.

"This is the place where the inside of many balloons, many venues, many worlds are available for you to experience, available as independent points of view through which you may look out into the world, and even identify with. When you catch a glimpse of this place, hold the vision of the second attention's point of view. Then notice you are also still in your own Body back here in the first attention.

"Pop! You are now in both domains at once. What is this experience like?

"If this experiment was useful for you, you may wish to stop reading for now... and explore what it's like to be in both domains at once. And while you're at it... another question that might be useful to consider here is, 'Who is experiencing this?'

"This way of being in dual attentions is good to practice because we'll use it later as the basis for other 'thought experiments' like this. We've used it here as a metaphor to help understand the point of presence of the 'who' of manifestation... the Father and Mother of Manifestation... Body's identity at the universal level in the second domain.

"In the first domain Body is you, you are Body. In the second domain, at the universal level... one of the two parents of Creation is you, as you are Body. Throughout your history, and in the Creations before this one, the impulse for spirits has been to find their way out of the the muck and mire of the first attention so they might dwell continually in only the second attention.

"All too often the movement of spirits has been awayfrom the density, pain, anguish, discomfort, shock and emotional trauma of manifestation. There have been serious judgments against these things, and great efforts have been made to lift out of all this, to leave it all behind... to leave behind the terror, rage and grief, and the rest of what been despised about the 'reality' of the first attention. All of this movement has been movement away from the Mother, and away from me and my manifestation, away from Body.

"This movement away from Will and Body has caused a huge gap to exist between the two attentions. Spirit has maintained its home in the second attention, while Will and Body have been forced into an ever denser, tighter and more restrictive first attention. And not only that, the first attention has been used as a dumping ground for everything not wanted by the spirits who have intent on getting away from it.

"But moving away from the first attention is not the direction evolution is going. Original Heart, Grandfather and the Original Mother... and six prior Creations have been evolving in manifestation to bring about the conditions where it is now becoming possible for the realities of the second domain to find their wholeness and their home in the first domain.

"The pain and compression of the first attention needs the Light of the second attention in order to live and breathe in freedom and abundance. And bringing Loving Light to the misery and suffering of both Will and Body, so that we may move in freedom and loving acceptance... is the point of the healing work we're doing here.

Bringing Heaven to Earth

"Original Heart foresaw a world of dense forms and incredible beauty, of trees and water, sky and sun, all types of plants and creatures in which it would someday dwell with peers. Original Heart foresaw the world of the first attention as its home in manifestation. The very world that most spirits have despised because of its present harshness, pain, and limitations... is the world where Original Heart wishes to express its greatness as one whole being... in Body, in manifestation with others just like itself.

"The information in the four steps, this class, and the healing class is designed to help you understand and succeed at the task at hand... bringing Heaven to Earth. It's not the other way around, although it certainly has seemed to be. Heaven has been seen as the place to go to get away from here. Death has been the result of this, not the cause. The times are soon to change, and they will be changing because humans fully embodying Spirit and Will as New Heart will be here changing them.

"There is a present paradigm in the first attention that is indeed limiting and confining, and that is set to provide a few with the powers of manifestation at the expense and suffering of many. This reality will change as the paradigm shifts. Once a few of those doing the healing work have succeeded in bringing themselves to wholeness, the 'how' of manifestation will begin anew on Earth.

"The New Magic will begin with subtle shifts in the dominant paradigm or 'shared thought forms' of the first attention. These paradigm shifts will open more space and acceptance for more wholeness. As wholeness in individuals increases, and more of this wholeness is expressed through the 'how' of manifestation... more space will be opened, and in this way Heaven will be gently landing here.

"There will be bumps in this landing, of course. There already have been some nasty ones... but the most serious bumps will be those experienced by the first few to fully manifest New Heart in Body. But once momentum has developed, the movement toward wholeness of being will spread quickly and easily.

"Those who are among the first to find their own wholeness will have to face the reflection of a first attention that completely denies them and their reality of wholeness. Their perseverance in what they know is right despite little or no outer support will enable the next wave to ground their wholeness in the same way the first few have done, and so on... as the number of those completely embodying New Heart in the first attention grows.

"The growing presence of wholeness in the first attention will provide an ever-expanding 'landing ground' as Spirit finds and unites with the previously lost parts of the Mother here on Earth... until Heaven is fully present here in its new home. The Will movement that brings you each step toward wholeness also brings a shift away from the present paradigm of the first attention... and toward the next paradigm, the full manifestation of Heaven on Earth.

"As this movement spreads to all those who wish life and love and wholeness for themselves and all others, life will become the default condition for humans on Earth. Death will still be an option available to those whose Wills choose it, of course... but eventually the healing here will be so profound that no Will would choose it.

"The important choice at this stage of the healing is the choice to ground in the first attention. The 'ordinary world', the everyday world of pain and suffering, of dullness and drudgery, this is the world that needs healing. The second attention has been there forever, and will always be there. However, it cannot come to Earth if there is no Will to ground it here in the first attention.

"So the focus is very different now for spirits on Earth. The focus now is to be thoroughly engaged in the first attention, and from your solid grounding here... to draw down the Light. The old focus of leaving here to go to the Light has not worked, and can never truly succeed. Every agony, pain and drudgery of the first attention needs and deserves to have Loving Light drawn to it. This is our work.

"And this is the importance of the 'where' of manifestation. It's simply the way it is... the fundamental structure of manifestation is such that each fragment can also be the whole. Each point of presence in the first attention, you for instance... contains, embodies and potentially expresses the totality of All That Is. A modern metaphor for this is a holographic plate. If the plate is broken, each fragment of the plate retains the whole image within it.

"But of what is the plate made? The Mother, whose womb holds the seeds of all manifestation... is the being who holds all of Creation in existence. She is the place where Spirit finds its Will, where manifestation is born and nurtured and loved. And her perspective is essential for any understanding of the 'where' of Creation. For it is the Mother who must first open the space for Creation. She is 'where' it all happens.

"Grandfather has been following his Heart's desire through these seven Creations, searching through all of manifestation for his lost Mate. He's been in search of the Mother's Body... which was blown away from him in the Great Separation when Original Heart begat manifestation. In the heat of its fission, Original Heart had left Grandfather with one fundamental directive. 'Find Her... in Manifestation.'

"Has he succeeded yet?"

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