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The Mother's House of Pain

"This is Mother. Spirit, in my House of Pain... you will feel every blow you ever delivered to the Mother. You know it must be this way. There is no other. The Mother has demonstrated unequivocal courage in opening her door to you. Can you demonstrate the same by accepting my invitation to enter my house of pain? Are you as strong as the Mother? Can you in fact withstand the pain you asked me to endure in the course of your 'adolescent years'?

"When the Mother is ready to open each door you will enter and sit face to face with the fragment you created. You will not speak. You will only listen. You will listen to her story. She must speak to be removed from victimhood. You must listen to validate her pain."

Charcoal Mother

Stop Eating Us

The Mother in Draco

The Pain

Terrified Desire

Channelers' note: The pages linked above are a continuation of the Mother & Spirit in Dialog. The stories in this series are the expression of some of the Mother's most tortured fragments, the lost Will of Creation. All will be speaking here with the protection and guidance of parental Mother, and many for the first time in the presence of loving Light.

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Dialog Page II: The Mother Responds to God's Apology
Dialog Page III: God Responds to the Mother's Invitation
Dialog Page IV: Cinderella & the Dark Wizard
Dialog Page V: The Mother's Apprehension
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