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Truth and Reality Class

Introduction: Basic Principles

"Welcome. This class will begin with a discussion of reality and the ways it is designed, assembled and understood. Later on we'll discuss the difference between relative truth and the Whole Truth, and how the realization of the difference can cause awakening. First, let's set forth some basic principles:

"Reality comes in levels or layers.

"There is always another level.

"There are two sides to everything in existence.

"Nothing can exist without its antithesis to balance it.

"Everything is made of energy.

"The two fundamental energies are outward moving and inward drawing.

"As above, so below.

"As within, so without.

"Reality is relative and finite.

"Truth is universal and eternal.

"Reality is a truth, with a small "t".

"Truth, with a capital "T", is independent of any reality, it includes all realities.

"Reality is a subjective experience and can be explained.

"The Truth is obvious, needs no explanation and can not be captured with words."

Lesson One: Where is the World?
Your Venue

"This is Spirit. We will first discuss reality as you experience it and in later classes, Truth as I know it. As noted above, the Whole Truth is universal and does not depend on anyone's perception of it. Reality, on the other hand does not exist except in the mind of the one who is perceiving it.

"The experience of reality is always subjective because it is only through the fact that you are perceiving it that you can know anything. All experiences of sight, sound, touch, taste, smell, feelings, thoughts, subtle energies, etc. depend completely upon you being there to perceive them. There has been much said by your philosophers and mystics about the illusory nature of the world. The truth is that the world with all its people and objects actually does exist; it just does not exist outside of you, as it has always seemed.

"The grand illusion has been that there is an objective, outside world that you can know and experience. The truth is that the only evidence you will ever have of an outside world must come to you through your perceptions. And your perceptions are within you, they're part of you.

"Even if there were a world outside of yourself, you wouldn't be able to know anything about it, except through your perceptions of it. You must rely upon your perceptions to bring you the facts about things, and your perceptions and the facts they bring are all within you, they are part of you.

"You have had some experiences that can help you validate this truth. For instance, you know that if ten people witness an accident, there will be ten different reports of what happened. Some will be quite different from others, some will be similar, but each will be unique. In recounting the 'facts' of the accident, each witness is limited by the filters of their unique perceptions and point of view and by their memories of those perceptions, which are also their own perceptions."

The World is Part of You

"Since the world you perceive is not outside of you as it has seemed to be, and is actually inside of a you, and larger than your conditioning has allowed... your actual relationship to the world is quite different than what your culture has taught you. Your parents, teachers, peers, and even your habits of thought have all told you that you are only a small part of a much larger world. Although this has certainly seemed to be true, it has not been a full and correct understanding of things.

"The truth is that you are much larger and grander than you've been taught. Your true beingness includes all of Creation. The outside world of your personal self is actually inside of the larger Being you truly are. At the core of your true identity are the Creators of the Universe, the Universal Feminine and myself, the Universal Masculine."

You Own the World

"In order to know about anything, you must perceive it -- and when you perceive anything at all, it belongs to you. It is your perception and it resides inside of you, the perceiver. To perceive it is to own it.

"You own the world because its existence is in your perceptions, in the place inside I'll call your domain or 'venue'. This is your show and you're responsible for it whether your involvement is as a performer or only a spectator.

"The two essential elements of reality are the perceiver and their perceptions. The perceptions belong to the perceiver, not the other way around. The world belongs to you because it is you and only you who can perceive it."

You are Hosting the World

"Because the world exists inside of you and belongs to you, you are essentially the host or hostess of the world. You are the innkeeper who accommodates all of your perceptions. All apparent beings, objects, feelings, thoughts and facts of the world are actually perceptions which reside in the space you provide for them inside of yourself. If there is someone or something in your life, it is because you have invited them to be a guest at your inn. If you feel a certain circumstance, person or event in your life is not of your choosing, then you are asleep to your role as venue owner and host.

"If this is a new idea for you, please open yourself to even more understanding here. There are other guests in your world as well. Not only are you host to all of your current perceptions, but also to every perception you've ever had, including the ones you thought you'd disowned. Your conscious mind is a relatively small bubble floating on the surface of the great unconscious part of your mind that contains all perceptions presently out of your awareness."

When the Host Sleeps

"Just as there is an apparent outside world that contains other people, there are parts of the self who vie for consciousness and expression. Your inner parts are like the people in the 'outer' world who are guests in your venue. If you are awake to yourself as the host, you can choose whom to invite into your venue,when they should come and when they should leave."

"If you are asleep to your hosting role, both inner and outer 'guests', arrive and disappear in what may seem like a random or even chaotic order of events. Even when you think you have a situation well in hand, it can turn in a direction you did not anticipate. This is not because there is an outer objective world that you do not control. This is because you have been asleep to Who You Truly Are and your role as host of your own world."

When the Host Awakens

"This is the turning point of the drama playing in your venue where the victim becomes the liberator. As you wake up and become aware of your true identity and your responsibilities as the world's host, you regain your greatness, freedom, power and strength of purpose that was lost when you fell asleep long ago.

"Awakening to the liberation and return to power of the individual has been the true aim of all religions, all art, philosophies and sciences. It has been the message behind all prophecy. The Truth can be known. Although it is beyond the power of words to express, you will know the Truth when you are fully awake.

"In the next lesson we will discuss the phenomenon of projection as it pertains to reality creation and waking up."

Lesson One Discussion
(immediately below)

Truth and Reality Class, Lesson Two: Projection and Perception

God's Class: Home Room

Truth and Reality Class
Lesson One Discussion

What do I do with my perception of this reality I experience as pain and how do I change my perceptions to include what I want?

"In only one sentence you have asked three very powerful questions. I will answer each in turn. The first question is, 'Is my pain real or only a perception?' Yes it is real, and will be healed more quickly when it is honored as real. And yes, it is your perception and therefore you are responsible for it no matter what person or situation outside of you may seem to be causing it. The pain is a guest in your venue; the way it arrived there is not important.

"The first thing you can do is make it feel welcome. Next, take whatever time is necessary to find acceptance for it, as you might for a young child who would be feeling pain like that. Then if you would like help, you can go inside and ask the Universal Feminine and me to help you understand the pain and help you bring healing to it, and We will. The Four Steps to Wholeness is a complete formula for healing pain of all kinds."

How Can I Change My Perceptions?

"The second question is 'How do I change my perceptions?' You can change your unwanted perceptions by first choosing a new attitude toward them. Begin by shifting your approach from trying to get away from or push away an unwanted perception. Instead explore the energy of the feeling in your body that was triggered by your perception. Then bring the healing medicine of love to the part of yourself that has been holding the pain.

"The most important, valuable and probably least understood gift you have been given is Free Will. You and only you can choose what you will perceive and what you will make of your perceptions. It is important to understand that it is not the feeling or the perception of the feeling of pain that hurts. It is your resistance to the experience itself that transforms a message from a distressed part into 'pain.' The meaning or interpretation that you give to the experience has been that this perception is somehow 'bad.' The messenger has become a villain, and yet the same perception on one day may feel pleasurable, and then painful on another.

"This is not a feature of the perception, but rather the result of your interpretation or judgment of the perception. The truth is that you are perceiving a sensation, in this case an emotional feeling. You can choose to interpret the feeling as 'pain' or as a message from a lost part of you. There is much more on the problems that are created as a result of the universal conditioning to avoid pain, and we will get into it in depth when I tell the story of how pain first came to be in Creation in the healing class, The Quest for the Mother"

How Can I Have More of What I Want in Life?

"The answer to the third question, 'How can I have more of what I want in life?' contains the answers to the first two questions. It is a little-known secret that emotional pain, and physical pain for that matter, has been hiding something very valuable to you as an evolving Being. Under every 'negative' feeling there is a desire that has been denied. The desire came first, vibrant and alive, shimmering with expectancy. Then came the denial of the desire. The denial it experienced caused the desire energy to contract, which in turn caused the pain. Now the 'negative' feeling of the contracted energy is all that has been left for consciousness to experience.

"However, when you have found the energy of the painful feeling in your body, you have an opportunity to liberate the desire hidden under it that had been twisted and trampled upon by being denied. When you have brought healing to the feeling, when you have true unconditional loving acceptance for the energy of it as it is in your body, you also bring healing to the desire that had been thwarted by denial.

"When you heal the part and its desire, its magnetic energy returns to the rest of the Universal Feminine in you, and your manifesting Will becomes strong enough to draw the object of your desire. Desires that are free to be as they are and that are loved just that way can open the space necessary for their fulfillment.

"When desires are ignored or harmed through denial, they cannot open the space for what they would otherwise magnetize. In other words, your manifesting Will, the ability to have what you want, has been held hostage by the pain that has concealed your desires from you."

God, I "understand" to a degree that we all create our own reality, and that we're invited to drive the bus. But isn't it true that some things are real, and they are not a matter of perception, but just the "real" thing? I want to be creating harmony and love and bliss, but I can't let go of the Newtonian model of what's real. This is a stopping point for me.

"There is a baseline consensus reality that is created through you in concert with the others in your world. This happens at a deeply unconscious, collective transpersonal level. Even the seemingly densest parts of your world such as trees, the sky, oceans and other physical 'realities' are being created by Deity from within you. The reason it seems that you are not part of this creating of your world is because you are not aware that you are in fact doing it, just as you have been unaware that the world is within you.

"You are right to question what I have said here because it comes from a source outside of yourself. Interestingly, the things you first learned at home and in school came from outside of you, and yet those things did not come through a 'dubious' filter. However, those lessons have formed the standard against which you now compare new information. The Newtonian model can seem more real than your own perceptions and logic, not because it is the correct model, but because it explains things in a way that seems to be true, and more importantly it's the hallmark of your paradigm, it's 'what everyone knows.'

"I would like to point out that 'what everyone knows' once included the 'fact' that the Earth is flat and there is danger of falling off the edge if you sail too far out into the ocean. 'What everyone knows' is always eventually proven to be untrue, even though it seems certain until it's questioned and disproved. For instance, it was quite difficult for your ancestors to let go of the idea that the Sun, Moon and stars revolve around the Earth. Once they did, however, they could get a much deeper understanding of how things are. This new and deeper understanding was the foundation upon which Newton formulated his model of reality.

"Newton's model has now been threatened. Einstein has muddied Newton's water and now that 'everyone knows' there are four dimensions of space-time and everything is relative, it doesn't matter which way you look at it. It makes no difference to relativity if the Sun revolves around the Earth, or the Earth revolves around the Sun. Everything is relative, depending on your point of view. Which brings us back to perception.

"Reality is a subjective experience because in order for something to be 'real' it must be perceived by someone, it must be 'realized.' If there is no perceiver, there is no 'venue' or place in which reality can exist. This raises the issue of my perception. In a way you are asking, 'Isn't your perception as God sufficient to make anything real, including the whole universe, without needing me or someone else to perceive it?' However the question is phrased, the answer is not in how perception works, but rather in how Creation happens.

"I am creating the universe in every moment, 'recreating' it you may say. But where am I as I create it? The answer is that I am inside of you. Most often you have been unaware of my presence at all, let alone as the creative force inside of you. This other level of reality of which you have only rarely been aware has been called various things, such as 'God Consciousness,' 'Cosmic Consciousness,' 'Self Realization' or 'Enlightenment.'

"The key to understanding how all of this works is in the realization of a level of awareness other than the one to which you've become accustomed, with 'facts' other than what you were taught in school. And most significantly, with understandings other than what your mind has been telling you about the nature of reality.

"This has been my point in opening this channel of communication, to reach that part inside of you that is aware of creating the universe you perceive. I want to reach the part of you that is me. In doing this I will need the help of the other parts of you that experience 'individual consciousness,' the parts that feels disconnected from your source, that believe you are just one object among billions of other objects.

"To one such part of you, the doubtful Newtonian physicist, I say there is much more to you than meets the eye. For instance, there are other parts of you that can remember times when you have felt connected, powerful and at one with all that is, while at peace and secure in the certain knowledge that all is well and will be so forever.

"This is where God Consciousness begins. This is where Grandfather's grace flows into your life, and this is where you can find me. Transcendent experiences like this, however, have not played well in the smaller venue of the separate, individual self.

"God Consciousness is the kind of experience that has been easy to forget. It doesn't fit in and therefore has not been validated by your culture, physics, or the education system. In fact, your culture and customs discourage this kind of awareness. They tell you that experiences of eternal oneness, peace and power are flights of fancy that are dangerous to believe as true.

"The saddest part of this has been that although when they are happening these experiences have the unmistakable ring of Truth and answer all questions, they have later been denied and forgotten because they were not in agreement with the relative 'truths' you were taught in the early lessons you learned as a child.

"I want you to know that you can decide who you want to be and how you want to be. If you already have chosen and you no longer like your choice, you can choose again. And I will help you with this if you ask me."

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