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Judgment Release

"One story of your origins is about how your ancestors in the Garden of Eden lost their innocence when they tasted the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil. The story, however, didn't mention that earlier I had done the same thing myself.

"The snake was correct, I had this 'knowledge,' but the story didn't say how knowing both good and evil was plaguing me and making a mess of Creation. Judgments I made based on these values have spawned most of the unwanted fragmentation in Creation.

"As I've mentioned, I am evolving. When I began to be aware of stimuli, both from inside myself and from what seemed to be outside of me, I generally had one of two feelings about it. I either felt that it was something I liked to experience or something I didn't like. The things I liked, I accepted and the things I didn't, I rejected. This whole process seemed right to me and I didn't question it for a very long time. Even when I became aware that I was fragmenting myself by doing this, I didn't know how to quit.

"I was judging everything and it seemed only natural that I should. After all, who else could do it? Heaven became a courtroom where I not only judged myself and the Mother, but later on I was even asked to settle little differences among the spirits. Even though I realized this wasn't going anywhere, I felt locked into the role of judge.

"It seemed the best I could do was to be consistent based on my previous judgments. It wasn't until I questioned the whole purpose of judging that I realized I was going about it in the wrong way.

"To judge is to decide, and to decide is to cut off other possibilities. The things I decided to accept became part of me. The things I decided to cut off, however, were also parts of me that I now had projected outside of myself. When these parts were rejected as unacceptable, they didn't cease to exist as it first seemed, they went into denial.

"In my denial of them they remained self-aware, but cut off from the rest of me. Lucifer and other great difficulties resulted when I judged against, and therefore denied parts of my essence.

"The ability to decide is fundamental to choice and free will, a crucial feature of this universe. I am free to create as I will and this includes the freedom to make mistakes. Because you are becoming Who You Truly Are, you are likewise free to create, and therefore free to make mistakes.

"In the mistaken belief that perfection is what is 'right,' it seems that mistakes are 'wrong.' But since you and I and everything else in Creation are evolving, mistakes are not only necessary, but desirable.

"Learning is evolving and mistakes are excellent feedback in the learning process, if they are used as such. The solution to the problem of judgments is not in trying to eliminate the ability to judge, it is in using the faculty wisely.

"Your culture has taught you that making mistakes is bad, but it's not true. Mistakes are the norm in trial and error learning, and necessary for evolution. Learning is already hard enough without being punished by guilt for making the mistakes that are a necessary part of the process.

"The punishment and obvious result of negative judgments is guilt. Guilt erodes the sense of self worth and makes it very difficult to feel feelings that have been infected with it. Depression is often the consequence of guilt-bound feelings that cannot move and are therefore denied.

"Since you are fundamentally innocent, guilt is not in its right place in you. Guilt is held in place by judgments. Release the judgments, and the guilt goes too.

"You can very quickly and dramatically change your life for the better when you release the judgments that have held you captive and left you cut off from love and from your true emotional strength and power. This is much easier to do than it's seemed.

"Because judgments are mental decisions, they are easy to change. The secret is simply to decide again. Take back your original judgment, change your mind, undecide, unjudge."

How to Release Judgments

"Here is an easy way to do this. Whenever something bothers you, find the emotion or feeling that is associated with the problem. Next, locate the feeling in your body, and feeling into the feeling ask yourself, 'Do I have any judgments about this?' If the answer is, 'Yes,' then say out loud or strongly in your mind's voice:

"'I release the judgment that I am bad because I ____' (Insert whatever you did, thought or felt.)

"So, now you have changed your mind, you no longer judge yourself as bad for doing or not doing something. The next step is to change your mind about the thing itself. The words that do this are:

"'I release the judgment that ____ is bad or wrong.' (Insert the same as above.)

"If the judgment is a negative quality such as 'I am lazy,' 'stupid,' 'unworthy,' etc. finish up with the following release statement:

"'I release the judgment that I am in fact ____'

"If you are feeling self-hatred related to the judgment, begin with this statement:

"'I release the judgment that I must hate myself because I ____' (And continue with the two other statements above.)

"Here is a list of the statements in order of use. In all cases it's good to use the second and third. Begin with the first if there is any feeling of self-hatred, and the fourth if the judgment is a negative quality such as lazy, stupid, unworthy, etc.

1. 'I release the judgment that I must hate myself because I ____'

2. 'I release the judgment that I am bad because I ____'

3. 'I release the judgment that ____ is bad or wrong.'

4. 'I release the judgment that I am in fact ____'

"Whatever it was that caused you to judge against yourself, it's not wrong, it's a choice. You have free will and every choice you make is valid, and particularly valid when it's used as a learning experience.

"Release each negative judgment until there are no more. That's all there is to it, when the judgments are released you are free again to decide about how you will feel and act in this and similar situations. And most importantly, your magnetic essence will be free to move as she wills.

"Guilt and blame are a continuum. When it is in you, it is guilt. When it is in someone else, it is blame. Guilt that you feel impossible to own yourself becomes blame when it is projected out onto another.

"Releasing judgments (blame) against others is just as liberating as releasing them against yourself. Just say, 'I release the judgment that (person's name) is bad because they . . .' and 'I release the judgment that . . . is bad or wrong.' Either way, guilt or blame, it's yours to release.

"Does it seem too easy? You may find yourself very pleasantly surprised at the deep and permanent positive changes that occur when judgments are released. At first it may seem like nothing has happened, no thunderbolts or deep feelings need accompany the quiet release of judgments. And yet sometimes it may come as a deep sense of immediate relief and the movement of long-held emotions.

"Judgment making is a mental activity, and so is judgment releasing. Although these mental constructs have had a very powerful influence over emotions, they are as easy to release as forming the intention and thinking the thought.

"The effects of judgment release are often subtle at first, but always cumulative. The more often you stop a moment to release judgments when something bothers you, the easier it goes next time. Also, after just a little practice, the releases will happen very quickly. Once you've done this practice a few times, just realizing that you've had the judgment is often all that is necessary for it to release.

"The Last Judgment is a real event that will happen eventually for each evolving being. When I began to realize that my true nature is Love, I began to lose the desire for power. My judgments about things were key to my feeling power over them. I felt I needed the power because I feared what would happen if I didn't have it. Releasing my judgments enabled me to move that fear in loving acceptance.

"My last judgment was to decide that I no longer wish to deny anyone or anything by judging against it. This means I accept it now as it is and find a place for it in my Light if it wants one, regardless of how I've felt about it before.

"I judge everyone and everything as good. With me, it's all okay. I don't call it wrong when there's a mistake, I know it's learning. I don't think it's treason when my suggestions are ignored or a back is turned to me, I know it's free will evolving."

Channelers' note: There is more material about guilt and judgments on HealingToWholeness.com.

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