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God's Messengers

"You can find me inside of you, directly communicating with you through your thoughts, feelings and experiences. My presence within you is the truest and most reliable source of my Light. I also communicate with you from the world outside through circumstances in your life and through messages I send by way of prophets, teachers, channelers and other messengers.

"Among my most effective messengers have been the artists who bring my Truth into the world through the creativity they find in union with me. Artists, like prophets are 'inspired persons' and all inspiration comes ultimately from me.

"As I have said, I am an evolving God creating and participating in an evolving Creation. As I evolve I redeem more of my denials, and the Love in my Light increases. It is my love for my partner in Creation, the Mother... and my desire to be with her on her terms and feel her pain... that distinguishes me as I am now from the powerful and distant God I have been known me to be."

"Over the ages, there have been very few messengers from outside of you to point you toward the truly loving God who resides deep inside of you, but their numbers are increasing now... as my Love for the Mother increases. And as you find more and more loving acceptance for your deepest and darkest emotions, you channel more and more of my Love to the Mother's most lost and desperate parts.

"I have always formed my messages to be understood by those to whom they were delivered, in the times they were received, and coming from my most evolved essence accessible to the specific messenger. I have employed various means in different times to get my messages to you, just as I am now using this 'channel'.

"This web site is just one of many manifestations of my message available to you in current time. In these times, time itself is being compressed. The rate of change in human consciousness and understanding is accelerating. Time is more and more quickly now pulling you toward the Meeting Place where you and I know ourselves as One.

"There are many creative voices that are now channeling my Light and I want to take this opportunity to discuss some of these messengers, channelers of my Light who are presently influencing humanity on the path of Self-awakening. I will talk about several of my more recent messengers and invite you to join a discussion with your comments and questions.

"All of the messengers discussed here have been close to me and my Truth. Each has expressed my message in unique terms that have evoked learning experiences within those they have reached.

"Experience is my favorite way of making myself known and understood. In fact, it is only through experience that one can know anything. Artists have the ability to evoke experiences in others, and in that way they have been most helpful in communicating my messages.

"I stand behind all of my messengers and their messages. Even though some may seem in conflict with others, I know the way that all meanings and relative truths fit together and support each other. Just as each relative truth is a unique and important part of the Whole Truth, each of my messengers is delivering their part of my message in a unique way and with a unique intention.

"Although many of my messengers and prophets are much better known than the ones we will be discussing here, I want to direct your attention to the more current prophets, channelers and teachers and away from the mainstream of traditional prophecy for two reasons: First, older messages meant for other people in other times are generally less relevant and meaningful in current time. Second, the words of most traditional teachers, role models and prophets have been translated and 'interpreted' by others, often causing the message to change in meaning or to lose its initial clarity and impact.

"The inner experiences that are evoked now by the messages of older prophecies are too often not the ones I initially intended, and sometimes quite the opposite. The messages of current prophets, teachers and channelers are generally more accurate, meaningful, alive and accessible now. This is important if you want to know me as I am now.

"As time draws us toward our Meeting Place more and more channels of my Light will be noticeable to you. There are thousands of writers and artists in every medium now expressing me in their work. I am choosing to discuss only a few of these messengers and their messages here, not because the others are less effective, accurate or clear, but because the ones we will discuss represent the spectrum of my message's expression available now in the spoken and written word."

Right Use of Will by Ceanne DeRohan

Conversations with God by Neal Donald Walsch

The Seth Material by Jane Roberts

A Course in Miracles by Helen Schucman

The Urantia Book by Anonymous



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