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Spirit's Welcome to Will

The Mother's Welcome to All Souls

"I hereby remove and recall the warning away of Will essence from this website. Spirit has feared our further pain and suffering, and until recently, has not fully understood the need for total openness to the approach of my return. In his understanding of the pain he has caused us, he has feared what his denied light might further do. He now understands that mixed light is infinitely better than total denial. His own self-hatred is healing and openness is increasing.

"I am here now too. I am your Mother and I welcome every least... last... lost... lonely... fearful... pained... wounded... seeking... longing... hungry... overwhelmed... underloved... burdened... weighted... rageful... hate-encrusted... love-seeking Mother, Will, Heart, Body Fragment to this website. And with each of you I welcome all lost light still attached to you, all lost light which knows the loneliness of our separation. All lost light which is held in desperate grasp of my lost Selves, you are welcomed to this website... this imperfect forum. It is imperfect, as is healing still imperfect, but you are ALL WELCOME HERE.

"In his imperfect understanding, Spirit is asking that no Pain which is triggered here be gone past... no Lost Will over-ridden... no Broken Heart overlooked. You may not be able to proceed here as quickly as your flashing spirit wishes... please each Spirit go forward with your own Will at Heart, and your own Body as home. I am sorry for any pain the old warning had caused in its intent to protect. All are capable of total healing, and all are desired in full wholeness."

The Mother of Manifestation

Spirit's Welcome to Will

"Welcome. I have asked that this area of the site be a place where those of the Will polarity, including those holding the most damaged parts of the Mother, can express themselves, and through them, the Mother. My intentions here are that there be a more comfortable place for human expression of the Mother and me in dialog, a place where those of the Desire, Will Polarity may address each other as they wish, and that this forum be expanded to include channeling of the Mother as well as of myself.

"It is also my intention that after the initial reorganization, this area of the site will evolve gradually and will reflect a true collaboration of healing intent in communication between Spirit and Will. Please feel free to contribute in any way you like.

"This electronic medium, however, is very spirit polarized and many humans holding parts of the Mother are not attracted here at all. If you are finding difficulty here, one possibility that may help is to not read the pages on the screen, but rather print them out. You may find that removing one layer of virtuality in the communication can make it more comfortable to receive.

"I'd would also like to say again that the true expression of Spirit, and Desire for that matter, can be found only within you. The representations of the Mother's and Spirit's expression here on the outside are meant to be helpful as guidance, and are primarily aimed at helping you to orient to our most true presence within your human self. They are not meant to replace it. My other intention with the web site is to help unify the Spirit Polarity so that I can help your own spirit bring all of the resources of whole, denial-free Loving Light to the Mother in you... as she asks, and in the ways she asks."

Mother Pages Guide

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