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A Letter from Spirit to the Father & Mother of Creation

"This is Spirit addressing the Parents of Creation, the Mother and Father of Manifestation. You have begun manifesting on Earth in human form, and it is the Humans who are now becoming aware of your presence in them to whom I speak first. To begin, I wish to be clear about what it means to be 'parental.'

"The parental part of a Being is the part that takes responsibility for all the other parts. Every Being in Creation is presently fragmented. Parts of each Being are split apart, gapped from each other. The parental part of a Being is the one fragment who understands that this is the condition, and takes upon themselves the responsibility of healing all of the other parts into wholeness, healing the fragmentation.

"The part that takes responsibility for the healing may or may not be the same part that was causal to the fragmentation. Being parental is not only a position. It is first and foremost a way of action, a set of behaviors and an attitude that says, 'I may or may not have caused this mess, but I am the one who will attend to its healing. I choose to be the responsible one, the buck stops here, with me.'

"If the parental parts of the Mother and Father of Creation are to be manifesting on Earth in human form, then the humans involved must be willing to take on the parental responsibilities of the Parents of Creation. 'Parent,' however has been a term with mixed meanings for most of you. Whenever I speak of parentalness, I mean it in terms of true parenting, mothering or fathering behaviors that demonstrate loving responsibility.

"For instance, being parental means not placing blame on others. Blame is one end of the guilt-blame continuum, it's the result of moving guilt from oneself to another through fragmentation or projection. Judgment release is the spirit's antidote for both guilt and blame, and a vital tool for those aspiring to being truly parental.

"True parentalness is a way of being that accepts and honors all of the parts, fragments and 'inner children' of the Being, regardless of previous judgments or perceived 'faults.' The true parent is loving, accepting and inclusive, making space for all.

"When you are truly parenting, you are nurturing and supportive, you guide but do not direct, always engage when asked to, and never punish or deny. However, if it is not your Will to parent, then of course you should not try to do this without first moving whatever needs to move there.

"True parents take responsibility for everything that's happened, forgiving and correcting with love and kindness, both their own mistakes, and the mistakes of each fragment. But 'responsible' has taken on another meaning which has caused some confusion.

"Too often it had been asked, 'Who is responsible for this?' as another way of saying, 'Who is to blame for this?' But finding who is to blame is unimportant to the healing, because ultimately no one is at fault.

"The truth is that everyone has been doing the best they can with what they've had to work with at the time. Who will heal this?' is the really important question, and then only when the answer is 'me.' If you truly desire wholeness and balance, you must take the responsibility for finding what has been missing in you, and parenting it back into wholeness with the rest of you. No one else, including Deity, can do this for you.

"Balance is the key to both wholeness and good parenting. Those with a preponderance of conscious Spirit essence need to find balance by owning more of their sentient Will essence, particularly the lost Will of the lower chakras that is still trapped in Hell. Those with more available feeling, Will essence need to find my loving Light in their upper chakras, and channel it to where unconditionally loving acceptance is needed in their Will essence to replace the denied light that has used the upper chakras to keep the lower chakras captive and unable to move.

"Those who identify with Heart need to find the parental essence of New Heart through the new union of the Father and Mother within them. Finding wholeness is the fine art of finding true balance, finding the healing in each and every gap in which you have participated.

"Many beings, however, do not wish to be parental, or feel that it is not right for them to be. They wish to be one who is taken care of, rather than be the one who takes care of the others. This is what is right for them, at least in this stage of their evolution... but it is also in their best interests to release judgments. In this case the judgments needing to be released are those that have had them believing they are wrong or bad to want to be taken care of, to be as children, to evolve in their own right way and right time... or even to remain as a fragment of another being.

"Everyone in Creation is here for a specific reason and purpose, and humans are no exception. You each have your individual purpose or role to play, and you have your collective purpose as a species of evolutionary Will Beings. Bringing the Mother and Spirit together as New Heart in Body is the common denominator in your true identity as a species of parental, Creator beings.

"Heart's place at the balance point between Spirit and Will has the most potential for true, balanced parentalness. But as the first offspring of the already fragmented and gapped Spirit and Will in this Creation, Heart has often not felt empowered enough to identify as New Heart, to become parental to the whole of Creation. Human parentalness as the conscious and sentient form, the Body of Spirit and Will, as the Father and Mother of Manifestation... is not something that can be done in competition with the Mother and me, but only in concert with Us, as you follow Our lead in reclaiming more of Our parentalness.

"Each human is unique, and yet all humans are equal in status. There is no true moral or spiritual hierarchy that would rank them by their physical characteristics, the polarity of their essence, their relative parentalness, or their role in the healing. And all humans are entitled to, and will come to enjoy, the benefits of wholeness and Free Will that will be secured for all... by those of you who choose to be parental to the fragmentation and gaps deep in the fabric of Creation that were originally caused by my Light in denial.

"Every human has within them a spark of Divine Light, my presence and the presence of Grandfather... just as every human has the presence of the parental part of the Divine Will, the Mother of All That Is. Our presence within you, no matter how deeply hidden, is the key to understanding your unique identity as both manifested creature... and divine being.

"Throughout the history of your species there have been serious judgments against your creaturehood, and a strong urge to deny this part of yourselves in favor of what has been judged to be more acceptable to my Light, your immortal divinity, or 'soul' as you have termed it. These judgments began when spirits decided to become manifest in bodies bound by time and space. Many of you got stuck in forms you did not like, and from which you could not escape with all of yourself intact.

"The judgments that formed against manifestation paralleled my own judgments against my Body, the Father of Manifestation. I have already talked about the emergence of the Father, and the process of manifestation. So now, my dear, unfairly maligned Body... I have been clearing the air about my old judgments against you, and releasing them... so that you and I can find our true alignment in human form.

"On the other side of things is the alignment of the Mother of All... with her own Body, the human Feminine form. The parental part of the Mother and parental part of Spirit are finding their alignment within the human you, even if you are not yet aware of this. If you can find one of us within, the other will be very close at hand. Our parental parts are already aligned with each other, including within each Human who is aware of our essences within.

"I have already pledged my complete support and loving acceptance to the parental part of the Mother in each human aware enough to do this work. I am undenying my lost light as quickly as I know how, and becoming more and more congruent in my alignment with the Mother and her core desires.

"The Mother has made it clear to me that her deepest desire is her wholeness, and to her this means all of her essence in open, loving reunion with Spirit as New Heart in Body. She was very badly fragmented by our initial contacts with each other. As I have become increasingly and acutely aware of the extent of the devastation caused by my then unseen denials, my own core desire of solitude has been superseded by an even deeper desire to be present with the Mother, and that now means aiding her in recovering all of her Lost Will. This is what I've meant when I've spoken of my healing intent.

"I have already discussed the problems and issues in healing my denials, and the approach I've taken to reclaiming my lost light with you, the human readers of these pages... and of course with those I've reached on the inside. And I've encouraged you to do the same. Now I wish to help you find the parental part of each of us within yourself as a human being. Speaking directly to the Parents of Creation in you is one way to do this.

To the Father

"My Body... the Father of Creation, you have been given all the credit for creating the Universe. This is because I had originally denied the Mother's role in manifestation. She had no Body of her own, and believed she must rely upon you for physicality. Even in the original land of Pangea here on Earth... she was so fragmented that her parental presence was barely physical, and not even recognizable to you. But things are different now.

"There is now an evolutionary form in dense manifestation that has two equal genders and is capable of manifesting not only your masculine presence, but the Mother's feminine presence as well. The human form is a creature of great potential. Although truly evolutionary, you have guided its development to a place where it is now possible to not only achieve divine union, but to also recover all of the lost essence in Creation, both the lost Will and the lost, denied spirit essence that has held the vital missing Will essence separate from the parental part of the Mother.

"This is our new task together. I know we have had very serious differences in the past, and that I have denied you heavily. I was confused, angry and jealous of the Mother's attraction to you. I believed at the time that I wanted a 'hands off' universe so that I could withdraw into my solitude whenever I wished, for as long as I wished. But the Mother had something else in mind. She wanted a universe of great love and intimate involvement.

"The Mother wanted a universe of tender touch and deep feeling where each being was loved, honored, supported and cared for. I felt threatened by this, it felt too confining to me... and I made a separation between myself and the Mother's desires. What I didn't know then was that when I gapped from her desires, I gapped from my own Will... and relegated myself to a position of detached observer, impotent to act in Creation. In doing that, of course... I denied my parentalness.

"The Mother filled this Gap by drawing you forth from my denials... the Father of Manifestation. And then you became her lover. On one hand I was relieved that with you here I didn't have to be so present in Creation... and on the other hand I was furious that you took my place with the Mother. Many times since then I relinquished my own parentalness by blaming you and the Mother for all that's gone wrong in Creation. And of course, I kept my distance from you both.

"But now all of this is changing. I am now moving toward the Mother and you, my Body And this is being reflected as more upper chakra Will essence coming into alignment with the plight of the lower chakra Will essence in those humans who are doing this work. The upper chakras have been responsible for holding my Light (and my denials).

"But unlike our all of our other attempts at recovery... this time I am finding my alignment with you and the Mother, rather than insisting that you both align with me. And I've asked the humans who are aware that they are hosting your presence within their forms to help me find this new alignment with you... inside of them. I'm now asking that humans align their own spirit with you, Body... and with their Will, their Desire, the Mother as she feels and moves inside of them.

To the Mother

"Mother of Creation, you are a truly wondrous being. I know you well and love you deeply, and yet still I have been keeping my distance for fear of upsetting you more than you've already been by me and my denied light.

"My denials... in the forms of Lucifer and Ahriman have told you that I don't care, that I believe you are unworthy and undesirable, and that I will never be able to love you or accept you as you are. My denials have told you that their kind of spirit is the best you can ever hope for... and you have indeed abandoned hope for any better. Naturally this has made you discouraged and bitter, and I don't blame you for feeling so.

"I must say that I am not just my denials. I am Loving Light that is parental to these denials that have plagued you forever, and I am moving to withdraw them from you now. And I ask your help. Please help me find the parental part of the Mother in the humans who are holding your lost essence, so they can help bring me and my Light more directly to you.

"Only the parental Mother of Manifestation in the humans who are holding you present on Earth now can lead me to the denied light that is still keeping you captive in Hell. When I encounter the bad light, I will reclaim it... and replace the light of oppression and denial with the Light of loving acceptance. But I cannot do this without the willing draw of the core parental, human feminine form... you, the Mother of Manifestation.

"As it is becoming more clear to all that the healing of Creation is a partnership effort between Deity and Humanity... we are able to find more and better ways of working together. If the Father and Mother of Creation were able to heal without Form at the densest level of manifestation, Form would be incidental to their union... or to the union of God and the Mother of All. But that is not the case. Form is necessary for our union to be manifest, to exist... and of course separate forms for each of us the ideal we have inherited from Original Heart.

"Your human forms are now readying themselves for their union with you, and for their full participation in the manifestation of a healed and whole Creation. You are divine and yet human, you are separate and yet whole beings... each with your own Body.

"And the best news of all... you each have many equally fascinating and enchanting forms. You will be among many peers who will love and honor you, support your efforts... and join with you in your greatness and grandeur as the creators of the new wholeness in manifestation... fulfilling Original Heart's most burning desire for peers, and all of Humanity's deepest dreams... the bringing of Heaven to Earth."

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