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True Sacrifice & Deep Denial Release

"Sacrifice is one of the most misunderstood concepts in religion and spiritual awakening. The original meaning of the word is to 'make sacred' or ask for a blessing of something. But the practice of sacrifice became associated with giving away or destroying something that is valuable to you.

"I don't believe in that kind of 'sacrifice,' and I don't want you to give up anything you wish to keep. However, the idea of giving something up to Spirit is heading in the right direction when it comes to my denials. It is good to give up the denied light in youself and return it to me.

"It is good to give up my denials in the form of Lucifer and Ahriman, and the the deeply compressed denial energy of the asuras, Grandfather's denials, the intensely unloving light that has trapped the most pained and suffering parts of the Mother.

"What I wish for you to give up is not something you want, but rather something you want relief from... the unloving light that has been causing the pain and suffering you have had to experience. I don't wish for you to give up the magnetic essence that is holding your pain, but the denied spirit essence that is responsible for the pain being there in the first place. What I wish for you to 'make sacred' or ask me to 'bless' is your emotional feeling in your Mother essence that has been holding the suffering... because in doing so you'll both relieve the suffering and free the emotion so it may move as it wills.

"I wish to find the Mother. And she is inside of you, including her lost parts that are still holding all of the terror, rage, grief and hopelessness that Spirit had been unwilling or unable to face in the past. In offering up this deep denial energy to me now, you and I will be able to work even more closely together... offering our loving Light to the Mother in you with the intention of healing.

Releasing Deep Denial Energy

"Here's how to release deep denial energy. First, get in touch with a 'bad' feeling. There are plenty of opportunities to do this in everyday life. When you are experiencing something that does not feel good to you, notice where the feeling is in your body.

"If you like, you can imagine you are in a sacred space, say on the top of a high mountain, perhaps in front of an altar. Imagine that you are here to perform a ceremony of cleansing. Imagine you're reaching into yourself and getting hold of the asuric, deep denial energy in your feeling. Imagine that your hands are pulling out of the feeling the denial energy including any additional judgments that are causing the pain in this part of your feeling, magnetic, Mother essence.

"Imagine you are pulling the denial energy up through your chakras, from just below the chakra or part of your body where you are feeling the stuck emotion. You can use your hands on the outside of your body to help move the energy up. You can also 'squeeze' the energy up inside of you by tightening and releasing the muscles in your body. When you reach your crown, send the denial energy on up to me.

"You can say whatever feels right, for instance, 'Here, Spirit, take this denial energy and and put it in its right place.' Or, 'Spirit, here's some unloving light that has been hurting me and the Mother. Please take the part of this that isn't mine.'... or whatever you are moved to say.

"Of course, nothing at all need be said, just the intention is sufficient. To finish, imagine unconditional loving Light coming back down to you through your chakras and blessing the feelings that had been infected with denial energy... with my love and acceptance as I move into loving alignment with the Mother in you.

"If you don't care to imagine a ceremony, or if the feeling is too deep and painful to imagine doing a formal offering, ask for loving Light to come down into the feeling. Imagine seeing it or feeling it is a solid ray of warm, soft golden light, like a gentle sunbeam. Allow this ray of Light to bathe the feeling with divine love, acceptance and understanding.

"After a few moments, imagine the ray of Light drawing the denial energy in the feeling up toward me while more loving Light comes down into the energy center or area of your body where the asuric energy been. The running energy exercise in the channeling class is an excellent way to practice feeling the Mother's energy physically, and then bringing loving Light into the energy center where it is desired.

"Your intention to have loving Light present with your most difficult emotions, and to return to me any denial energy that is not yours ...will have the effect of bringing the Mother and me closer together inside of you, and add energy to the healing of the original issues in Deity where the 'bad' feelings started.

"Also, both Spirit and Mother essence will then be more available to help you in healing the issue at the personal level. Once the denial energy is removed, you will be able to find your own loving acceptance for what has been in your gap.

"To this end, always feel back into the feeling immediately after releasing the denial energy. Now, with the intensity of the denial energy gone, you can thoroughly feel what the emotional essence has had to hold. And you now can be with this feeling with loving acceptance. In this way your own spirit aligns with my loving Light in being here for the hurt part of the Mother in you.

You need do nothing more... except reaffirm your intention to heal into wholeness, and follow your inner guidance for any further expression and movement of the emotion. Once you have loved and fully accepted and integrated the part of yourself you had been separated from, no other denial energy can enter that way because the gap has been closed.

"Finish up in whatever way feels right. Thanks are never necessary and always appreciated, the important thing here is to allow yourself to feel comfortable in asking for my help and for my loving acceptance of your feelings."

Channelers' note: There is more information about releasing denial energy, including a video demonstration on ProcessCoaching.com.

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