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Healing Class - Lesson Three

Reclaiming Lost Spirit

Part Two: Deep Denial Energy - the 'Asuras'

"When I visited the Void to separate Lucifer from the rest of my Light, I discovered the source of the earlier trouble between the Mother and me. In the Void was very densely concentrated deep denial energy. The presence of this denial energy seemed to me to be individual beings, and I immediately understood they were in the Void because they wanted only oblivion. This energy appeared as a swarm of huge winged creatures with shiny black, spindly bodies. They looked quite grotesque, like elongated skeletons of bats.

"With intense hatred they complained bitterly to me that their slumber in oblivion had been disturbed by my presence here now. And they let me know how upset they were earlier when the pulsing of my Light and the movements of the Mother's magnetic essence disturbed them... as the Mother and I emerged from opposite ends of the Void.

"They let me know that they were here because they wanted only death and oblivion. They represented the opposite of everything I later came to know as 'good'. I also learned later that they were here as the antithesis of all the fundamental qualities in Grandfather's original, perfect Creation.

"When Grandfather chose to have only life, love, beauty, harmony, and goodness in his Creation, he had to find a place for the qualities that were necessary to balance these. Because manifestation requires duality, in order for a thing to exist, its opposite must also exist somewhere to balance it. 'Up' without 'down' is impossible, and so is 'good' without 'evil'. In the Void Grandfather placed all of the energy and values that were the antithesis of his Creation. This worked well for all concerned. This energy wished for oblivion or non-existence, so he denied he granted their wish by denying them existence.

"Denial energy is not in form, it is beyond form. It has no essence, it's not Spirit or Mother, so speaking of it must be somewhat metaphoric. 'Asuras', as they've become known, are the metaphoric spirits of denial. Since they don't actually exist as beings, speaking of 'them' as if they are beings can be misleading.

I do so here with the understanding that they are the metaphoric representatives of the deep denial energy of the Void. 'Asuras' or 'denial spirits' are symbols of the energy that denies life, love, beauty, harmony and goodness. This energy seek death, and hates everything that keeps it from its deepest desire of permanent oblivion.

"Denial energy has existed on every level of Creation, including the physical where it manifests as viruses and cancers. The strategy of asuric energy is to satisfy the desire for death and oblivion through the destruction of the environment that keeps it alive... manifestation.

"The energy was awakened from what it had thought was an eternal sleep when the magnetic essence moved and I responded. The denial energy attached itself to the sense of startle, confusion and annoyance in my Light, and it brought its attitudes of hatred, death and destruction with it. The message in the energy is, 'You have disturbed me, and now I must kill you.' Although I wasn't aware that I was doing it, this was the painful message that the Mother received when she first received my Light.

"I had been unaware of the existence of this intensely compressed energy until I met 'the asuras' in the Void. This was the place Grandfather had found for them to rest in peace. The denial energy they represent could not be part of his perfect Creation because it did not want to be there. He created eternal life for all who wanted it, the asuric energy wanted death and oblivion.

"Grandfather had it so that love would reign, but then love's denial could only hate. He created beauty, harmony and goodness. Denial wanted destruction. He and Grandmother determined the right place for denial energy to be the Void, because there the asuric energy could find what it truly desired... the final peace of non-existence, its own oblivion. The Grandparents did this in the early stages of their original Creation, before there was any thought of any other Creations.

"When the Mother and I first emerged as the two creative essences of this Creation, we came into being out of the Void... the right place of denial energy, 'the asuras' home... and of course the very place this energy felt certain it would be forever undisturbed. For a very long time I was perplexed by what seemed to be impossible encounters with pure evil. I know now that coming through the concentrated denial energy of the Void has been the only way for a completely new Creation to come into existence.

"We had to emerge from the Void, and in doing so, we disturbed the 'denial spirits,' the 'uns' of Grandfather's Creation. Once disturbed, this energy was intensely fierce and vicious, and of course it still is. It believes the only way back to its beloved oblivion is to tear down and destroy the Creation whose activities have destroyed its resting place. Denial energy has 'infected' some of the Mother essence, and this is why it had seemed to be the apparently separate beings I've called 'asuras' and 'denial spirits.'

"Judgments against self or others is a form of denial. Doing judgment release as I've suggested is an effective way of moving denial energy out of your emotional, Will essence. To release the more concentrated, deep denial energy, it is good to follow my suggestions in the practice of 'true sacrifice.'

"We have inherited Grandfather's denial spirits, and they hate us for being here. And now we must help them find their right place again. It's not here. This Creation, and those of yours and your peers that will follow have a different program. Like Grandfather's Creation, yours will be one of life and love, beauty and freedom.

"Unlike Grandfather's Creation, however, this and the Creations to follow will not be perfect. We will go on endlessly evolving. And best of all, we'll be here in physical form to do it. The energy of hatred and denial does not wish to be here with us. The asuric energy wants the oblivion that Grandfather had originally promised it. For the healing work to succeed and not be reversed, a complete separation is needed between denial energy, the Void... and everything else.

"Now, you might ask how wholeness is to be achieved if something is left out. This is a good question and it leads to a most crucial understanding. Wholeness has an opposite, and its opposite must also exist if wholeness does. Fragmentation is the opposite of wholeness. With only one whole being, fragmentation has been the only way to experience presence with another being.

Cosmic Loneliness

"The impetus for Grandfather and the original Mother to spawn another Creation was the sense of aloneness they experienced. When they had achieved perfection in complete union, they were one being again, just like Original Heart. And they were alone.

"Grandfather and the original Mother have since found a solution to their isolation. The Mother of this Creation and I are the beginning of it. And you humans who are in physical existence are the next stage of it.

"The plan, of course, is that Deity have peers. The fragmentation of Deity so that parts of us can have separate existence has been only one step in the process. Fragmentation is not the solution to cosmic loneliness. Wholeness of separate beings is.

"Although I didn't know it at the time, my fragmentation into Lucifer and Ahriman were part of the plan Grandfather and Grandmother had foreseen as a correction to the perfection of their original Creation. Another part of the plan is my redemption of both Lucifer and Ahriman. And this includes your own spirit's redemption of its denials, assuming your intention is wholeness.

"When Spirit is whole at both the personal and Universal levels, I will be able to align completely with the Mother and all of her essence in you... as we consummate our union in your wholeness. New Heart then emerges in you, manifesting as Body... as you embody the Father or Mother of Manifestation.

"Redemption of my denials means that I redeem and own for myself all of the essence, qualities, traits and behaviors I'd put outside of love. No more projection, no more separation of Being.

"Redemption also means that I take responsibility for the actions of my former denials, and thereby reclaim their powers, bringing them inside of love. The Spirit polarity will be united, with neither Ahriman nor Lucifer at the head. The Godhead is loving Light's right place.

"The loneliness experienced by Original Heart and in the Creation of Grandfather and Grandmother will not happen this time in manifestation. There are many humans who are willing and capable of embodying the Mother and Spirit here on Earth as New Heart.

"This endeavor is a collaboration between Humanity and Deity. It is the consummation of the healing work and the realization of Original Heart's intention that there be not just one, but many whole beings in manifestation... all peers in their greatness and wholeness.

"This movement of healing into wholeness begins with humans working collaboratively and in concert with Deity. Once denied Spirit is redeemed and all of the lost Will reclaimed, the wholeness you embody then spreads quickly to others. The further movement of wholeness spreading then sets the stage for the realization of the Mother's Dream, and the relatively sudden transformation of the dominate paradigm on this planet... so that love reigns in all encounters and every wish truly desired is granted without delay."

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