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Healing Class - Lesson One
The Quest for
the Mother

Part Two: A Call to Healing

"When she is ready, and in the ways she wishes, I will bring the Mother the healing power of my true Light, the Light of love, understanding and acceptance. As you and I work together on your awakening to who you truly are, it is my hope that you'll also work with me in bringing healing to the Mother.

"I must point out that it is your choice. Free will would be meaningless if you didn't have this choice. I also want to say that whatever you choose in this or any matter is always the right choice for you, and I will always support you in it.

"This class is about healing. You will heal yourself as you learn to channel my loving Light through your own spirit to the parts of the Mother in you that need it. And as you heal yourself, you and I will also heal the rest of Creation.

"Just as I am within you, so is the Mother. You can know my presence within as your aspirations, your highest, most loving thoughts and ideas. You can know the Mother's presence within as your desires, your feelings, emotions and passion. The name I know her by is 'Desire.'

"Illness, suffering and even death are the results of the harm that has come to Desire, to true feelings and emotions. You have inherited, as have all beings in Creation, the original imprints caused by hostile light that is still trapped in the Mother.

"For a long time after the Mother and I became aware of each other, I blamed her for the bad feelings I sometimes got from her. I wasn't yet aware of her imprints, or that I had caused them. Neither of us knew that her bad feelings about seemingly innocent things I did were caused by her deepest imprints being stirred.

"In modern psychological terms, 'She was triggered by my behaviors which caused her to reenact her original trauma.' But this dynamic no longer applies to just the Mother and me. It's about all of Creation. What happened originally between us is still happening now inside of you.

"For a long time after I became aware that the Mother had been seriously damaged by her deep imprints, I still blamed her for them. I couldn't remember doing anything to her myself. I felt that it must have been someone else who had done this, no doubt 'Lucifer.'

"Most of the messages I have sent to humanity through my prophets, teachers and channelers have been skewed by the blame I had for the Mother. Patriarchy and prejudice against women are reflections of my original blame that still remain.

"Without going into the details now, I'll say that the least serious thing I did because of her bad feelings was to ignore her. More serious actions included banishing her from heaven and ostracizing and humiliating her in front of all the beings we had created together.

"The worst thing I did was to turn the other way as my denied power took the form of Lucifer and mercilessly tortured her for most of eternity in a place that can only be called Hell. You may be thinking that surely God could not have done these things. But I know now that I did do these things, although for a long time I was in denial of it.

Apology to the Mother

"Because I am no longer denying the damage that the Mother has suffered, I can help her heal it. And this is my intention. The road thus far has been long and twisted, with many false starts and dead ends. Now that the truth of what has happened is exposed, I will never again be able to go into denial about these things.

"I will never again turn away from the Mother or her pain. The road ahead is quite different than where we've been so far in Creation. The new road begins here.

"There are no words adequate to convey the depth of my sorrow for what my denied light has done to the Mother. I can only express this in Creation and specifically in the ways that I make it up to her. Until now, Creation has been Spirit's thing. The Mother's role was either ignored or minimized.

"I begin my apology here with this message to the Mother, 'I am sorry I used my power to protect and glorify myself at your expense. I know now that you never meant me any harm and that what I saw as ugly in you was my own reflection. I understand now that the true power and glory of Creation is in your deepest and most sensitive Desire.

"'My love, I am now ready to fulfill the promise I first made to you. I now make it so that your Desire is my will. I'm sorry I took so long to get that right. And I will demonstrate my seriousness and sincerity to you beginning now.'

"This is the end of the first lesson in this class. I have much more to say about the Mother and me, and in other lessons I will share some practical methods that will make it easier to do the healing work we've begun to describe. In the meanwhile, I would like you read the page on judgment. Also, recommended reading for this class is Right Use of Will by Ceanne DeRohan."

Channelers note: For a much more detailed understanding of the issues between Spirit and the Mother, and her deepest wounds, we second Spirit's suggestion to read the series of books by Ceanne DeRohan called Right Use of Will. You can order the books directly from the author at: RightUseof Will.com. There are eight books in the series, and it is strongly recommended to start with the first one, Right Use of Will, and read them in order. The author of the books is in no way connected with this site.

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