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Healing Class Discussion
Lesson Four: Body
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Does Earth Lead the Way?

I am very interested/excited about this new addition to the healing class and it is very very nice to hear from you Grandfather. This piece of info about the origins of our Creation and of my own origins feels true to me and does indeed invoke emotion in me that I don't even fully understand, but I sense its true healing power so strongly, that it seems to bring a lot of the other information into perspective, like the capstone on a great pyramid which we have all been building. Feeling that I am a participant in all this makes me feel a sense of forgiveness for myself and others as well as a profound kinship with you all.

"This is Grandfather. Thank you for understanding and moving with this material. There is much more to this, of course... but only the tip of the pyramid can be discussed here on the outside. Your inner connection with Spirit will better bridge the gap between you and me... and enable us to communicate on the inside, where we can work together on our respective parts of the pyramid."

We truly are all in this together which I am so happy to have realized through this recent addition to the website. I can't wait to see Love unfold. Whoa...This notion of such a grand plan is really hitting me hard. I mean to think that I was part of an actual plan that actually makes REAL SENSE! No longer do I have to look at all the suffering and say bitterly. "Oh yeah it's just part of God's plan." I sure was tired of that line.

"Yes, and there's another line many have become tired of as well... 'You're responsible for your suffering, just get over it.' These thoughts, beliefs and judgments are examples of what I would call 'level confusion.' Spirit has mentioned that there are many levels to reality. Things that are true on one level, may not apply on another level.

"The truth is that everything that has happened has happened for a reason, and is part of something much larger. However, the reasons for things often can be known only at the level of wholeness. In the meantime, the suffering in fragmentation is very real, and needs to stop now.

"Working with this material often causes one to experience more suffering at first, rather than less. Bringing the lost parts of Self back from the hell of their banishment through denial is almost never an uplifting experience... until the part is back in wholeness with the rest of you.

"Spirits have had great resistance to going into manifestation, and even more resistance going into hell, where the suffering and compression of manifested existence is most extreme. And yet, it is through this journey that the healing must be done. The intentional journey to hell, to be with the parts of the Will who are trapped there... can be made only by a willing spirit with strong healing intent and a fervent desire for union with the Mother.

"Thanks to his relatively recent alignment with me and my plan, the God of this Creation is now one such Spirit. And I join with him here in asking you to join with us and our healing intent. Spirit and Will are now beginning to work together in Form. And Deity and Humanity are now working together to find the healing that no Creation has ever known."

Now do I not only know the plan, but I also know I helped conceive it and will help to see it come together as well. I can scarcely even imagine what it will be like when the Plan does come together. I want to weep, scream and dance with joy already. For now, though I am somewhat content to know I can accept where I am, and I don't mind it at all anymore that others may be ahead of me or behind me. This channeling has made me feel that I am in fact a vitally important part of this plan being right where I am...What a great understanding that is. All I have to say is WOW! My words just cannot contain what I feel in response to this. I hope I will learn to channel it.

"Yes, the parental part of the Mother is making herself heard in you now. You already are channeling her enthusiasm and joy that there may indeed be an end to her suffering. And I would say to her in you, if I may... 'This spirit in manifestation, the Spirit of this Creation and I will be there with you in all the places where you have been most tortured. When we have found you, we will follow your lead, and do as you desire... to help bring your essence out of hell... and here to Earth in your human forms as Mother of Manifestation.'

"You see, as Spirit... we need to feel and experience all of the Mother's suffering in order to understand enough to accompany her home in union as New Heart. No other Creation has had evolutionary Will beings whose spirits were willing to do this."

Some questions I have are about earth's place in all this. Is earth to lead the way in healing for all creation? I had been under the impression that earth was thought to be less evolved than other planets. What is our place?

"There are several Creations... a Grand Creation which set the stage for all manifestation... and seven additional Creations, each more densely manifest than the one before it.

"There will be more material on this subject, but for now I'll say that this Creation is the newest and least evolved Creation, with the most dense forms anywhere in manifestation. However, the other older and more evolved Creations have all missed the essential point of manifested existence... that complete recovery of all the Lost Will and Lost Spirit is necessary for the emergence of Original Heart in manifested Form.

"While more evolved in a spiritual sense, the beings in those Creations cannot manifest at the dense level of physicality that you do. You see, Earth is where the Mother is. The most damaged... and in many ways the most important parts of the Mother are here, way out at the very edge of all Creations. And of course it is the Mother whose Lost Will essence is now drawing me, Original Spirit, here to Earth.

"Thanks to your efforts in partnership with the Spirit of this Creation, the Mother has begun to move some of this ancient, frozen Will. Her new movement is causing an awakening here that is calling me to her now... from the place before anything existed... from all the way back where we once knew the outrageous ecstasy of complete and perfect union as Original Heart.

"You ask is Earth to lead the way? Earth is where the Mother and I are once again finding our union as Original Heart, this time in manifestation. And of course this time Original Heart will be with peers, fully whole, yet in more than one body. So in the largest sense, Earth is the venue of our union, and our eternal home in manifestation.

"It is the partnership of Deity and Humanity that will accomplish the healing work necessary to lead the way back to wholeness for all beings in all Creations. It is your wholeness of Spirit and Will as New Heart in Body that will signal the completion of the healing work for you... and the beginning of true freedom here, and in all Creations.

"It's a grand vision, and given all your conditioning to deny your greatness... not an easy one for a human to hold. But you have already discovered that with practice, anything is possible. And holding this vision as your destination will keep your moment-to-moment and day-to-day driving backward on the right course."

Thank you, Grandfather.

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