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Interview with 'the Folks,' Part One

Channelers' note: After suspending public channeling of Spirit and Body on the site a few years ago, we continue to channel for ourselves, and for our off-line healing work. For several years now in private channeling we've been communicating with the healed, parental parts of the Mother and Spirit. To us they are like a couple... him in alignment with her, and not the other way around. Also, it feels to us that the 'voice' is Spirit's... but he's now speaking on behalf of the Mother and himself, as her Spirit.

We refer to them and address both of them together as 'the Folks.' In a departure from customary usage on the site, 'Us,' 'We' and 'Our' are capitalized when they are referring to themselves, and not capitalized when they are referring to us humans and them together. Here is their first public channeling...

Channelers: Hello Folks, what can you tell us about the progress of the healing work so far?

Spirit and the Mother: "Much healing has happened toward the end of suffering in those doing the healing work, and of course much more still needs healing, even in those of you who have been working the hardest. Realizing this can feel discouraging. To progress in the healing work, any feelings of discouragement must be felt, expressed and moved as well.

"Healing into wholeness means more than just the end of suffering in yourself. The Mother has three core desires. Her first desire is that the suffering end... for all beings in Creation. Her second desire is that all fragments of her lost Will essence return to wholeness with her. This desire has been the focus of the channeling and healing work here on this web site.

"The Mother's third desire goes beyond even wholeness. The most important desire in Creation is the realization of the Mother's dream. This is where all of the healing work is heading, so when you ask about 'progress' We can say that there has been a quickening of the healing movement, and at the same time an intensification of the denial energy that opposes loving Light and wholeness."

Thank you Folks. What is the Mother's dream?

"The Mother's dream is that all beings in Creation experience their true grandeur and greatness. And in their greatness, do whatever they desire. The Mother's deepest desire is that you and everyone else in Our Creation be completely free and empowered to do whatever you want, go wherever you wish and be with whomever you choose.

"At first your mind will have difficulty understanding how this could be possible, but We can assure you it is not only possible, but necessary. Free Will, completely free and joyous in the presence of unwavering loving Light is the truly natural way in our Creation. And this Creation is the basis of your own Creation and the full manifestation of your greatness."

Thank you Folks. Wow, lots more questions come up... First, you mentioned that the denial energy is becoming more intense. We've noticed a huge increase in denial energy on the planet over the past several years. There seems to be no end in sight to how badly things can go on a planetary scale. What else can you tell us about this?

"You are seeing the denials of the Mother's dream becoming stronger as more lost Will comes back into wholeness with her. Her desires are gaining more acceptance and more loving Light, and therefore her power to manifest her desires is increasing. As We regain Our lost Will essence, the energies that would prevent us all from manifesting her dream are increasing as well. Your perception of the intensification of denial energy is a sign that you are finding more of the lost parts of the Mother in yourself. If the outer world is reflective of what is inside of you, and of course it is... you are seeing your own denials reflected 'out there.'"

Thank you. Folks, what do you suggest we do here by way of healing?

"Some of the denials you are experiencing are still Spirit's... in the form of either Ahriman or Lucifer, depending on the situation. This denial energy is of course also there in your own spirit as judgments held in the conditioning of your mind. When feeling the Mother's pain, find the judgments and release them.

"However, most of the new denial energy becoming apparent on Earth now is the much deeper and more intense denial energy of the asuras. It may seem to you that you are not involved with this level of denial, the energy that powers wars and the deceit and treachery in the local, national and international politics of your civilization, but that is an error in perception.

"The truth is that even events at the planetary level of your reality are part of your own venue or 'movie.' This is good news, because when you fully understand the implications, you know that it is within your power to remove this level of denial... from yourself and the planet. The asuric energy of hatred, destruction and death needs to be released back to its right place... the void.

"This is easier to do than it seems. Working alone or with others, you can do the practice of true sacrifice to release the asuric energy that is becoming rampant in your world. The only difference in working at the world level is to realize that each human you perceive as having this energy in them is a reflection of parts of your deep self that are in need of healing.

"Releasing denial energy in those you consider to be greater than yourself and oppressive to you in some way provides you with another advantage. In doing this, you regain the part of your own greatness that you have denied in yourself... and projected onto them and other 'authority figures.'

"To release denial at the planetary level of your being, it is good to realize that we are working together. Your spirit aligns with Loving Spirit, Loving Spirit of course aligns with the Mother... and your Will aligns with the Mother's desire for her wholeness and the realization of her dream. In this alignment, from the deepest parts of yourself you have the power to remove denial energy from the 'larger than life' humans who use it for power.

"The reflections you are now seeing in wars and power-over leadership on Earth reflect deep transpersonal realities that have been in place since before Earth was created. At one point a class of warrior spirits emerged as a response to the deep gap between Us, and they are now in manifestation. On one side are warriors for Spirit, on the other are warriors for the Mother. The Spirit Warriors are by far the most dominant, and now in most positions of power on Earth.

"Warrioring is not limited to those in the military. Finance, science and the media are all bastions of Spirit Warrior strength. Their agenda appears to be power and wealth, however their deepest mission is to stamp out every vestige of the Mother's presence on Earth. Their technology seeks to replace the Will so their spirits will no longer have to feel any of the Mother's pain.

"Ahriman is the 'god' on whose behalf they hurt and kill. In human form they marched in the Crusades, burned witches, eradicated indigenous people, subjugated women, and declared wars of all kinds. They are essentially denial spirits with unloving intent in human form. Directly confronting these beings is not the way to deal with them. Finding what they are reflecting in yourself and removing the denial energy is.

"A word of caution, once you have released denial energy as suggested in practicing true sacrifice, it is important to lovingly feel back into the 'bad' feeling you started with. The denial release clears the space for your loving acceptance of the feeling. If the feeling is left on the other side of the gap after your denial release, the gap will remain open. It is through the open gaps still between Us that the asuras enter our Creation, and of course yourself."

Thank you very much. With the recent rise in the power and ferocity of the Warriors, it seems to be getting much darker on the planet. How do you suggest we deal with the sense of powerlessness and depression that is triggered by world events and seems to be pervasive among those of us doing the healing work?

"Part of the healing work is learning how to love and nurture yourselves in the presence of apparent limitations. You have decided to embark on the long and difficult journey of healing to wholeness. This journey has never been completed before, anywhere in Creation. Attempts have been made... but complete wholeness, the return of ALL of the Mother's lost fragments has yet to be accomplished.

"As We mentioned earlier, there is more at stake here than simply ending suffering on Earth. As you find more of the deeper, intensely suffering lost parts of the Mother, you find more of the intensely ferocious denial energy that has kept them isolated, lost and unlovable. Your outer reality at the world level is reflecting this denial energy as it leaves your personal domain and moves outward toward the void.

"As mentioned in the Letter to Those Doing the Healing Work, there are times when it will seem that you are completely on your own, with no sense of direction and with no connection to Us for guidance and support. It is in times like these that you will have to rely on your faith in yourself and your healing process. These outer reflections would not be here if you weren't already succeeding in your healing. Use them as a sign you are nearing the end of this part of the journey, and as an opportunity to remove more denial energy from the planet."

Okay Folks, thank you very much. Folks, are you saying that the more we heal, the worse it gets in the outer reflection?

"Yes, but only in the reflection at the global level. Here in your more immediate venue, you will find things improving as you release more denial energy, redeem lost spirit essence and reclaim more of your lost Will. As you find more acceptance for your emotional essence, it is easier to be in acceptance of everything else this is going on around you. As you accept more of whatever reality is coming into your immediate domain, the denial energy at the global level becomes more apparent."

Thank you Folks, what should we do to accept the denial energy at the global level?

"There is a vital understanding about denial that We have learned only recently, and most humans with healing intent have yet to learn. It is not possible to accept denial energy, at any level. This is why it must be released. Denial does not belong in manifestation, its right place is the void.

"Denial is negation, and is therefore nothing. At the deepest level of reality, where there is no denial, there is only love. Love is all that is, and acceptance is where love begins. Denial is the negation of love. Love moves to include, denial moves to separate. When denial is present it acts on acceptance like anti-matter acts on matter. Denial annihilates acceptance. We have been stymied in the healing work for eons by trying to accept denial energy. The more we accepted it, the stronger it became. Denial has shown Us that it does not want acceptance, and that it will increase in intensity until our acceptance is gone.

"Releasing denial energy, however, is remarkably easy. Releasing judgments releases denial, and releasing asuric energy releases even the most intense and entrenched denial energy. Healing at any level is impossible in the presence of denial.

"As you release the denial energy as suggested in the judgment release practice and true sacrifice, you are able to heal the gap that had been occupied by the denial. After a denial release, the spirit in you simply moves to find loving acceptance for the emotional essence that had been separated from the rest of you by the denial. This is the crux of the healing work, remove denial and then lovingly accept what you had been denying."

Thank you for the clarification, Folks. In feeling into the reflections from the world stage, we've found a kind of denial energy that does not seem to respond to the deep denial, asuric release practice in true sacrifice. What can you tell us about this?

"Original Heart tells us that it will never again be so... that complete wholeness means only one being, with no peers. When you are doing the healing work at the world level, it will not be a solitary affair. The planetary or world level reflections are shared by all of humanity. In releasing denial energy and healing gaps at this level of reality, you will be working together in cooperation with other humans.

"The same practices suggested in true sacrifice will apply. However, the humans doing the work will be embodying Our two essences along with New Heart and Body. Further, each human will represent one of the four parts of deity in the healing ceremony."

Thank you Folks. But this sounds scary. Aren't there dangers in doing something like this?

"Yes, and of course this is advanced work. Only those who have cleared their personal imprints from this lifetime and have experience in helping Us heal Our imprints at the transpersonal level will be able to work successfully at the planetary level. Please contact Us on the inside for more specific understandings about how to proceed with this aspect of the healing work."

Okay Folks, thanks. We'll be doing that, for sure. Is it okay to talk a little more here about the 'cooperation' you mentioned? Where do we find others to work with, and how do we relate with them?

"At present there are two distinct modes of relating among humans, cooperation and competition. Cooperation is like acceptance, it is inclusive and supportive. Competition is like denial, it excludes and moves to surpass. Cooperation is a reflection of love for self, projected onto peers. Competition is a reflection of denial of self, projected onto peers. Cooperation begets unity and understanding. Competition begets separateness and suspicion.

"Competition in relating comes from imprinted, unmoving fear and reenacts the superiority imprint. When your frozen terror of being an outcast and separate fragment begins to move in loving acceptance, your taste for competition will fade. When the denial is removed and you have lovingly accepted all of the terror, you will feel yourself to be safe, no matter what. It is then that Original Heart's desire for peers will naturally draw you toward cooperation.

"There have been many gaps between humans doing the healing work because they have not yet found and moved all of their terror about themselves as a separate fragment. Concern over your 'point of emergence' and 'position relative to the gap' are examples of places where frozen terror has not yet begun to move. These concepts are helpful in triggering the terror, but true human greatness will never be found in competition with others.

"Your true greatness can only be found when you can find it in all other humans as well. You are neither superior nor inferior to anyone else. When you find equally powerful and knowledgeable people with strong healing intent with whom you are willing to work in cooperation, you will know how to relate with them. In the meantime, keep working on finding and moving your frozen terror. Terror of being a fragment, separate, lost, and less-than that is freely moving in your own loving acceptance is the key to the energetic excitement necessary for this next part of the healing work."

Okay Folks, thank you very much. 

Channelers' note: This interview continues...

Interview with the Folks, Part Two


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